Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 116

I decided to say goodbye to the MsScooterButt handle and go with my handle of many years-Bluezy. Why?

What happens when you are going 35 MPH and you get a flat on a scooter?

Answer: MsScooterButt sore, learned and burned.

I have been enjoying this summer going here and there on my scooter. Friday we went to the mall and in this pine tree were 3 crows talking. I told my daughter...I hate when birds come up out of nowhere and start making sounds like that. Crows are especially a warning bird in my life.
All week prior, I was wondering if I should inspect my tires, because I wondered what would happen if I had a flat and I got about 2500 miles on this set....I got my answer!

So at 30 mph on full throttle trying to get faster, the rear end fishtails slightly and I start losing control. It got progressively harder to control. I slowed down as much as it would let me as I readjusted my steering to go with the fishtailing to stay straight. I was still in motion, but just about stopped as the front end just would not let me stay straight and jackknifed and then set down on the left side. I slightly scraped and slightly hit my forehead to the pavement. My left ankle, elbow and a bit of my thigh have shallow road rash. The big problem was the rib cage again. You have a 250 plus hit the ground and the bones do complain. I have had my ribs fractured before and sure enough this time again. Did get xrays to confirm that there were not any broken bones like arm or shoulder...

It happened fast, but it felt like forever. I am convinced that when I am dying I will always say "Oh Shit" and then "Fuck"...No deep meaningful words to record...When my head barely hit the pavement, I thought..."helmet". I got up right away with the wind knocked out of me and the cars of people who stopped all shocked. I gave my daughter a call and got a ride to the friends I had just left and showered up and went to see if there were broken bones.

I was told long ago that when you ride a motorcycle the odds are you WILL drop it. Well...I had got so confident that I was preparing to get a real go fast motorcycle. I was looking in Craigslist and even went to the Harley dealer and sat in one and thought "I could handle this baby, but not the price". I had decided to get a 250 Honda Rebel for next season. At this point, because of the spill, I decided a convertible will give me the air in the hair and wide open road feeling. FOUR wheels.

I had time to think that if it was my front, tire, I would of probably flipped at 30 plus mph. And the night before I left the scooter at a friends because I did not have my clear safety glasses for night riding. My daughter was going to ride it home the day I had the flat, but got busy. A friend offered to bring it home, but I wanted to ride. I am glad it was me and not my daughter. She probably would of crashed harder and faster and hit her head bad. It definitely was a learning experience. And I am safe, but sore.

Better news: I ordered a Do Life T shirt and got it today! I am going to wear it to the "Rock The Falls" concert. It is the first real outdoor local concert with headliners "Skid Row and Poison". I am not a diehard glam rock fan, but in this town full of Rednecks, it is a very popular band on the local classic rock channel.
The tickets were given to me by my adopted Amazon daughter Amanda (6 ft 1 qualifies here as Amazonian).


  1. Well, hello, Bluezy!

    Sorry you got hurt and it ruined the ride thing for you. I'm too chicken to do motorcycles--last rode one when I was 17 to a BAD COMPANY concert with a friend in front (his bike). Got called a "spic" and didnt care, cause damn, BAD COMPANY was da bomb and still is (saw them in concert last year...Paul Rodgers, geez, best (and sexiest) voice in rock n roll EVAH, and he and Robert Plant voice-ruled ye olde rock days of my youthyness, imo.)

    Anyway, heal up, play some good bluesy rock to get the blood flowing, and see you soon...

  2. I'm sure glad you're only as injured as you are. Too many what if's to even think about. Your ribs probably hate you right now. Just a testament to what the human body can endure. Stick to dumpster diving and writing funny blog posts. We need you in one piece! Hugs!

  3. Oh gosh I am so glad you're ok! And I totally agree that FOUR wheels is the way to go!


  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you were in an accident, but glad to hear it wasn't too serious. (although I'm sure it hurts!) Take care of yourself and heal fast! :)

  5. Bluezy is cute, I like it. Glad you're okay.... eew.

  6. Glad to know when the dying comes there is someone other than myself who's last words might be "oh shit" then "fuck."

  7. Damn! I'll take my chances horseback, thank you very much ;-) !
    Glad your injuries were not that serious...
    Funny ol' world - we were in Idaho Falls 8/2 - 5, saw the signs for the concert which Z (my 13-yr old) badly wanted to see... Yeah I know, need to blog about my vacation!
    Hang in there on the challenge; somehow signing up for anything "official" seems to bring out the worst in my behavior. I've been hanging out on my own weight-loss plateau for almost 2 yrs now.


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