Saturday, August 13, 2011

What day is it?


Still hurting. Kills to cough or sneeze. I have to sleep with my back up or the pain keeps me awake until I fall asleep. Road rash is scabbed up and healing. It is the cracked rib that is hurting. I was feeling better, but then moved funny and whacked it out again. Of course I did the comfort me with food thing...but that has to end.
I am taking otc because I ran out of Vicadin. I am reluctant to get more because I have such a prejudice to narcotic pill popping. (and doctor bills) Mostly a fear.

Good News: I survived the concert and had an up close encounter with Poison's lead guitarist CC Deville. I had taken my grandson (there were other kids there), but he wanted to go home after the second backup band played. It was loud and boring for him. He did like the 5 dollar generic burger and small bag of chips and the 3 dollar water and was eyeballing the 2 dollar fudgecicles.
When I took him to the back side of the field towards the road to wait for his dad to pick him up, there was a guy riding a dirt bike all around. We sat waiting and then the dirt bike came up to us. I was in a vicadin daze and did not react fast to take a pic, but said "I know you must be someone famous". The dirt bike rider said "I am CC from Poison" I shook his hand and then hugged him and he ran off-no he asked us why we were not in the crowd. I explained about the grandson and CC says "It's going to be a rocking loud show!" I said maybe when he is older. Then CC took off and I thought. Damn I did not even take a photo.

Gotta get my head back in the game and not let my body ailments nurture my emotional feeding. I have been gone from blogging too long. I needed to check out my bloggie friends and clear my mind.


  1. Bluezy!!!! I hope you start feeling better and have a quick recovery. Yes, the pill popping is scary but just keep your mind right about it. If you really need it for pain, that's what they are there for. Do what is best for you. Best wishes.....

  2. poor baby, sending reiki your way! feel better sweetie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Just start by committing yourself to blog daily for focus and ban junk food. You're healing, so anything but rehab type exercise is out. Destressing things should help with the cravings.

    Rest, drink clean water, eat sound food, meditate or pray or whatever it is that makes you calm down, enjoy the sky and wind and family. You'll find your groove again....

  4. I have had a cracked rib once from coughing with pneumonia and it was horrible. I can't image how you must be hurting since you've had other rib injuries as well. You might have to break down and visit a walk in clinic or something to get something stronger. I can't believe you met C.C. and didn't get a picture. I saw him on Jeopardy once and he's on freakin' smart guy. Not to mention funny. Please feel better soon. I miss you!


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