Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 91

Beating the heat laying on the Gator and listening to tunes. I keep my legs moving like cycling and I get up and move to the music here and is so peaceful and cool.

Loved this song when it came on:

And thinking of Barenaked Ladies...Bareneked Before and After Marilyn...

My Internet service will be disconnected until Friday. I bought 200 bucks worth of fireworks...and forgot I had to pay the bill. Called on Monday to make arrangements...but they know all about Internet and how they DON'T make deals with it. I pay 65 a month for full speed LAN. That used to be able to feed a family in a month...but now a days...


  1. You have a pool?! Can I live there for the summer? LOL

  2. I thought $45 was high but 65 is worse. They (utilities and such) are so unwilling to work with people in this economy. I'm so surprised. But we'll be here when you get back.

  3. Oh boy. Let's see, fireworks or internet. You nut! I bet you just like to hear all those explosions!

    Stay cool! We maybe got to 65 today.

  4. Olá... obrigado por fazer um comentário em meu blog, você escreveu muito bem em português.
    Seu blog é muito interessante.
    Um grande abraço.
    Sidney ( - Brasil


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