Friday, November 25, 2011

Found some Mojo

Sick with a head cold, I slept on my guilt. I came up with a personal challenge. If you see the countdown to 2012 to the right, that is how many days we have left of this year. I was hoping on 100 lbs lost at least this year. Yet I had emotional set backs. I let the emotions get the best of me this past 2 weeks, as well. I needed to find my dieting zen and I believe a picture edit and a personal goal is in need.

Twelve pounds is doable by 2012! And tell me is that design all so cool? I really love the Text Art on that My Memories Suite. You can do so much more with font. And to position it is a cinch!

Anybody who wishes to join in, can just grab the picture. It is the last time in 2011 to set a goal of sorts. Why not 12 by 2012?


  1. I swear I did not pass my germs through the monitor or keyboard. Sucks doesn't it? Hope you feel better. I've no doubt you'll hit your goal. Feel better soon.

  2. I need to get back on track. We can do this!


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