Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 8 Day 5


It has been a while since I started my diet. I had anticipated a quicker weight loss. 28 weeks to a 50 lb loss was a long haul. I am thankful that I had arrived. I am listing as days go by reasons I am thankful for my recent weight loss.

Reason 1: I can reach my ass to wipe better.

Sorry to appear crude, but I guess I am. And this may be TMI, but it is so real. Let me tell you when I had reached the point of straining, if not missing my ass when wiping, I had to go through a process. At home, I had my showerhead  that detaches. I used it like an extendable "bidet". I realized when this became a problem, why my grandmother had her can next to the toilet. She would fill it with water and I would hear the sound of water pouring into the toilet. I never knew what and why I would hear that sound as a child until the moment in my life where I could relate. In public, I would revel in the fact the toilet paper was sturdy and I could get a good wad going to reach. There was times that I would try to layer long lengths and try to floss my butt. Seriously pathetic, but real.

The first time I saw a Bidet, I was 10 at a hotel in Lima, Peru. The first time I saw a urinal, I was 9 at a university pool on the wall! On both occurrences I had my hands all in them questioning the purpose. My conclusion was baby bath? I almost tried to drink the water from the urinal...OMG. I am also the kid who got her tongue stuck on metal in the playground after a frost the first time I was in a cold climate! Duh!
I would of so wanted that hat as well in second grade when it happened!
Some luxury toilet seats go for $700 up to $1200! They have remote control and heated seats. Wow!  I noticed there are also attachable ones that are under $100. There are actually MANY YouTube videos on the topic!

I am also thankful to Stormy @ The Big Butt Theory and Julie @ Taking The Fat Out Of Skinny for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! 

Rules are to thank the blog(s) that nominated you, reveal 7 things about myself and to pass it on to 15 bloggers.

1. I was doing community service for a traffic ticket at the Library circa 90's. I was in the bathroom when a group from a tour of 5th graders came in yapping girl talk and all. I was already in a stall just doing number one. When I wondered how quick I could clear the bathroom by making fake loud farting sounds and a couple of moans. Instantly, the bathroom became silent. Not a laugh or a comment! By the count of 3, they left the bathroom. I came out and they were standing in the lobby and I rubbed my tummy then used the water fountain and left. I enjoyed that experiment!

2.  I have double jointed fingers.

3. I ate sea turtle in the late sixties. An act that many "greenies" would cry about. Being that they are endangered. I was just a kid and really did not know. We lived in Brazil at the time, but I think it was in Uruguay Or Peru where we ate it. It tasted like chicken, but not. 

4. I have brown eyes.

5. I tried to rent a horse in Washington at Ocean Shores beach in 2007. The lady told me there was a weight limit, but we could find some Clydesdale horses for rent at the next access. We went there and the guy renting said the woman had said that and sent us there to be mean. No one rented Clydesdales!

6. I am a Sagittarius.

7. The computer I use to stream, watch Netflix,blog, edit, and everything cost me 2 bucks at a yard sale. All we had to do is put in some ram and re-install windows.I am using it right now!

Maybe the number 8 for me is that I am too lazy to research all the blogs I follow that may have already received this award, so I decided to give it to some new bloggers. It is not only to thank them for following my blog, but also to welcome them to the diet bloggie community!

  • Mary Caroline "Carrie @ Tales of a Junk Food Junkie  just started in November
  • Momma @  On My Way To Thin just started her weight loss blog in October. She has another blog and her little sister as well. There are links on Piece of My Heart (her main personal blog). An especially interesting post on her sister's blog [here] is about making a healthy change decision!
  • Virtual Paul deserves this award because of his true versatility of having a two blogs Fat Man Writing, Questions I Don't Have The Answer To  AND a Vlog on YouTube! 
  • I follow another Vlog "Watch My Butt Shrink"and I like visible portion of it and Jenn does a great job sharing her Low Carb journey. Her blog link is not working, so I am not sure if it is still up.
 Good diet. Good journey.
Susan (aka Bluezy)


  1. Hello Susan and thank you so much for remembering me and my blog. I am so bad at making the rounds of the blogoshere. In order to read the blogs I want to read and watch the YT vids from the weight loss community, it would be a full time job. Not to mention it seems there are always distractions from real life LOL!! Anyways, I will start thinking of my answers right now. Again thank you!!

  2. I never knew, that you can get that "big" that you can not wipe yourself. That has to be awful! Sorry, but I had to laugh about your post. :-) You are just so honest.

  3. Straining to wipe myself is one of my secret rock bottom moments. I was 23 and otherwise physically capable, that shouldn't be something I can't do.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    I love finding new, interesting blogs...yours definitely qualifies! :-)


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