Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why So Serious?

Done effing around. Time to get serious! What ever was up my butt has passed.
64 oz for starters
Looks like a Dead Concert Shroom Sale, but they are white and ports frozen and portioned!

All mine/ low carb (I might give baby Zoey "bites")
So WTF is this long assed definition of induction. I got one more.

a. The act or an instance of inducting.
b. A ceremony or formal act by which a person is inducted, as into office or military service.
2. Electricity
a. The generation of electromotive force in a closed circuit by a varying magnetic flux through the circuit.
b. The charging of an isolated conducting object by momentarily grounding it while a charged body is nearby.
3. Logic
a. The process of deriving general principles from particular facts or instances.
b. A conclusion reached by this process.
4. Mathematics A two-part method of proving a theorem involving an integral parameter. First the theorem is verified for the smallest admissible value of the integer. Then it is proven that if the theorem is true for any value of the integer, it is true for the next greater value. The final proof contains the two parts.
5. The act or process of inducing or bringing about, as:
a. Medicine The inducing of labor, whereby labor is initiated artificially with drugs such as oxytocin.
b. Medicine The administration of anesthetic agents and the establishment of a depth of anesthesia adequate for surgery.
c. Biochemistry The process of initiating or increasing the production of an enzyme, as in genetic transcription.
d. Embryology The process by which one part of an embryo causes adjacent tissues or parts to change form or shape, as by the diffusion of hormones or other chemicals.
6. Presentation of material, such as facts or evidence, in support of an argument or proposition.
7. A preface or prologue, especially to an early English play.
8. Phase I of Bluezy the carb eating offender maintaining daily ingestion to no more than 20 carbs!! LOL

My mode for the duration
Daughter going full time to school. I take care of the kids from 6 am to 5 pm, but she is so tired from school, that I basically have been in charge of it all. Been mentally coping with it. Old habits of when I cook for the family and there are left overs they just won't dig into, I end up eating them. But activity wise...omg the laundry! All those feet...all those socks to sort.

Bloggie love!


  1. Glad your funk has passed! I did Atkins many years ago and stayed at the induction phase for 9 months without ever cheating or going over the 20 net carbs! The great thing about Atkins is that you can eat! One of my favorite meals was to go to Waffle House and order a triple egg and cheese omelet with a double order of bacon! Good times that! You have come so far already, I just know your going to make it!

  2. I wish I had the ability to do the carb counting and low carb thing - I really do admire you!

  3. I can't do induction level (bad for the thyroid), but I know that it can calm the appetite for many, and if it makes your mojo blaze and makes you feel good--and you are in touch with a doc, because, as we know, at our age, any dietary interventions should be monitored, right?--then go for it and be well, baby. I wanna she you SHINE, SHINE, blonde superstar!

  4. Where do you get the energy to take care of the kids all day long? Bless your heart! You're a saint. You'll do this. I just know you will.

  5. I am weary of fatty meat, so I try more of a lean meat low carb and I don't use all the yolks in an omelet. I really think that any caloric reduction diet with lots of water is the thing. For myself, starchy carbs are my enemy. One day at maintenance level, I can eat them moderately with less guilt. Love me sandwiches, bagels, crackers and creamy pasta.

  6. woo! I'm glad you've got a little spring back in your step for this. Low carb is hard. I'm trying to cut back my wheat... but I just can't give up my fruits. :)

    Can't wait to read the weekend update!

  7. I AM SO GLAD UR FUNK HAS PASSED. I love and need ur energy on days especially when I am feeling a little funky. Lets make FEBRUARY FABULOUS.

  8. Yeah..I don't like how fruit is not part of the low carb plan. A bunch of healthy fruit are off plan. Oh come on! Smoothies? But either way if I could drink my meals...I would overdrink.

  9. Dr A said we can go back to Induction anytime.... I've gone back several times... and it's always great!

  10. Love the way you put this stuff together. Good luck with your induction!


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