Thursday, March 1, 2012


It is a not a secret that I am a Star Wars fan. Tonight is the last showing of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D.  I have never seen a 3D and this has been long awaited. Unfortunately it is an episode I already know, but I imagine the 3D effects will be outstanding. I broke down and decided to treat myself to this. 

I have been really sick with intestinal issues. Sparing you the details of it all...but I am still not over it. When someone else came down with it...I was then relieved that it was not some new breakdown I was facing, however I would not wish this on anyone. It has been the longest time. Since around the 15th. I started feeling better, then it seems that I relapsed.
I am so sorry to ignore the blog. I just wanted to stop the cramping, nausea and gas. With all that activity in my gut...I just doubt a weigh in would mean much.


  1. I've been wondering what happened to you. Hope you are back to your old self soon. Take care.

  2. I'm sorry the innards are in a mess. No matter the number, please just do the update. Tell us you feel bad. Tell us about the struggle. Give us the numbers. Tell us if the book(s) are any consolation, help. Stay with us, yes?


  3. I thought you were busy. Well, I guess you have been. That's a long time to have serious digestive problems. I hope you're better soon and no more relapses.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better. It stinks to be sick. Will look for an update when you're feeling better.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Sorry to read that you're sick. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  6. miss you, lady. How are you doing?

  7. Bluezy-babe, please update. You got a few folks out here worried!!!


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