Sunday, September 16, 2012


I have been fighting carbs all week and losing. Yesterday. I lost to rice and banana cream pie... Today cereal rice bread and cookies. I am beating myself mentally and in that meltdown mode threshold I have been shaking off for the past three months.

I decided to do some "shopping" this makes me feel better. Took it out on facebook. Made the b/w my cover page. Then I morphed the evil farmers making them larger. I gave up my farm 2 yrs ago. It was truly evil how it made me seek out more farm friends so I could have "the kind" farm. It was bad when I lived in Idaho and on a drive into town I looked at some crops and thought of my farm. For real...wanting a couple of virtual silos.. I stopped it all shortly after and refused to answer all app requests.

I am going to detox this week. Eat less and drink lots of water. Eat only vegan carbs.  Get back into my Zen mode.

One thing I have maintained is walking. I just have not logged them into daily mile. I meed to grab the phone app and do ir on spot. Equally with My Fitness Pal.

Bloggie love.


  1. I hope you conquer the cravings, babe. I know it can get bad and then it's a chore to get back to food zen. God go with you...
    Mir/Princess Dieter

  2. It is all the walking. Gotta great tan though...and after all is said and done I lost 2 lbs.


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