Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 3

Day Three...and I was worried about burn out if I went too low on the calories.  I was hungry a lot today.

I am 53 yrs old and in my days, I have done all sorts of things ending with meth. When I did meth, I was always better than the other crack ho's because I was dieting. Yeah Sure! The last time I did meth in any manner was 10 yrs ago. I then never really cared about dieting much. So the past 10 yrs I have accepted my weight gain after the Meth days. 

Now I am getting older and really not that old. I really feel that it ages me and puts me at a greater risk to leave this wonderful world.

Today I was HUNGRY. I tried to tell my mind that I was not. 

Woke up at 8:30 AM
Cleaned the kitchen (sweep, mop)

2 cups of coffee with homemade hazelenut creamer 100 cal
2 egg omlette w/cheese turkey breast slice and onion fried 400 cal approx

3 personal bottles of water

A bowl of uncut frozen greenbeans  50
7 medium shrimp steamed 80
1/3 tomato fresh

bowl of cereal about an hour later (ee gahd) 180

3 waters

2 chicken fajitas 347 ? [link] calories but I did not put sourcream or anything on them, yet I am going to add to that figure and make it 450 calories.

3 waters


EXERCISE routine (passive beginner movie motivated)
Turned on NetFlix did
15 scrunchees
10 squats
10 leg things in 3 different positions.
15 waist swivels
Rode the exercise bike 15 mins

I read on Jack Sh*t Getting Fit a message that you better not be skipping breakfast. So I don't.
I also try to make sure I eat all three meals. 

I read 266's weight loss log and noticed she had good balanced meals and her exercise was passive. Her story progression pics amazed me. I knew I could do what she did and really appreciated her sharing with such detail.

I will get less shy as this progresses and put pics up and quit denying my scale reading.



  1. I started feeling much better when I increased my water intake, and not so hungry too. I target for a minimum of 16 eight-oz. glasses each day, and I do not count my coffee in that. I'm with you on the coffee. Hanging onto the coffee for sure, but I have learned to drink it black now. Want to use those creamer calories for something more filling. And I'm in my 60's. We can achieve a healthy weight!

  2. It is funny how water is just right there, and our bad diet habit self can cut a fat piece of cheese easier than getting a good glass of H2o in us!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and I will up my water intake for sure.
    My doldrums seem to be leaving me. Perhaps Spring, but the diet is making me happy will blog on this and a couple of things I realized.

  3. thank you...I am really stoked that this blog networking will be the one.


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