Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 2

If you notice, I have not weighed in. I have this scale that lies (yeah sure) IT DOES. I am sure it weighing me at least 5 lbs more or who knows. I am just going to set a date for a weigh in June.Why? Because last time 3 mos ago I weighed myself  on a doctors' and I weighed 275, but now on this home scale it only reaches 280 and I reached it. I am embarrassed and hope it doesn't go further on a scale that goes beyond 280.

I will keep consistent in making a journal of my calorie intake and what activity I did.
ACCORDING TO MY BMR CALCULATIONS I need to only consume 1919 calories to lose a pound a week.
I am sure there is some law in not starving, but I will decide what days I am starving and eat more and other days eat less but I will not go over 1200 calories!

The blog journal people I have visited insist you must drink lots of water, so I WILL.

I have no followers right now and considering my fat ass...I am not a leader in weight loss. If anyone does log on...Hi. See what a fat bitch I am?

Woke up at 9:30am

two fried eggs 184 cal
1 falls brand lumberjack link sausage 100 cal
two strips of bacon 100 cal
1/2 a pancake 150 cal
2 cups of coffee with homemade creamer 100
Total calories 634

3 glasses of water

a bowl of frozen whole green beens with salt/pepper and a spritz of apple cider vinegar. 50 cal
I ate them like french fries.

3 glasses of water


steak chuck 4 oz 150 cal
(cooked in barbeque sauce) 100 cal
950 rounded off.

3 glasses of water

I did a mass of dishes.
Turned on NetFlix did
15 scrunchees
10 squats
10 leg things in 3 different positions.
15 waist swivels
Rode the exercise bike 15 mins


  1. Hiya, FB, and thanks for dropping by my blog. You asked about starter blogs? Well, not sure if I can recommend any. I mostly follow on my blogroll or via others' blogrolls and most of those are mid-journey, as am I.

    But it's easy to find blogs with Google search and with other people's blogrolls. Just browse until you hit on blogs you find "sympatico". I know when I started, I was looking for blogs of people with a lot to lose--100 lbs or more. Cause that's where I was. Now, I have 51 lbs to go, and I still prefer to see blogs where people have lost and are losing or HAVE lost and are maintaining (since that's where I want to be, done with losing, on with the hard work of MAINTAINING the loss).

    Since you're eating so few calories right now, I'd advise maximizing them. Plug in a lot of veggies, maybe some fruit, and focus on good protein and healthy bit of fat. Beware the creamer (it's a fake food and it's got nasty stuff that the liver does not like).

    I hope you keep the mojo going and reach goal weight in due's a hard fight. Worth fighting.

    Let's stop being fat bitches and be slim sassyasses. Hm. A name for a blog: Sassy Ass. Probably taken. snarf.

  2. wow! That was one long and welcomed comment. If I can see the fists of weight losers raised high saying NO MORE then my personal revolution will feel so much better!

    Thank you!

  3. Great start! Find what works for you. Try different things. Read lots of blogs. You can do this!


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