Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 54

Last night around 10 PM I shoved my face with 3 bbq hot dogs, 5 Turkey Pastrami, and a cheese stick. I was thinking they are low carb, but they are high salt as well.

Feeling guilty, bloated and just want to get away from the evil fridge. I am going out on a long scooter ride and eventually meeting my daughter at a park with the kids.

This will be my blog day vacation. I will eventually edit in my daily journal. Packing up on water. See ya! Have a great Sunday!

I decided to take the chug (chihuahua pug) dog Jack with me on the scooter. I had test rode him and he was not scared. Then I needed to make sure he was more portable and I put him in a backpack with his little head out. He did alright around the block so I set off with my storage area under seat full of water bottles, a bowl and some dog food for Jack. I was cruising down the road near 30 mpg and decided to touch the bottom where he sat and tell him "good boy" OMG wrong the stupid little shit started to dig his way out I felt him climbing my back and so I stopped. He was on my head and sprung off just as I stopped. I dropped the scooter and I fell to the side (gravel skid) only because it was the easiest way to avoid the scooter from dropping on ME. People stopped and it was really embarrassing. I thanked them for their concern. I am pretty sure I cracked a rib. It is the same feeling I had when I had done it before. I was 38 yrs old and my friend had a little dirt bike. We tied a Barbie scooter to it and she pulled me around the apartment complex parking lot. Oh then she stopped. Wait Barbie scooters don't have brakes! I whipped past her and in order to stop I just had to fall to the side. I sort of rolled, but laughing all the way. It was the most fun falling I ever had, but I cracked a rib in the back section. It was also a minor discomfort for a bit.

I took some Tylenol it works for me. It worked better than Oxycodone and Hydrocodone and the morphine push button self meds they gave me when I had my hip broken by my Bronco. Ibuprofen worked good for me for years, but I abused it and I had an ill reaction to it and never have taken it since.

I took in less calories, but this allowed my mind to rationalize a weighed piece(3oz) of no carb cheese later on. I think the heat makes me hungry. Or it is pre weight date stress. Either way I need to shake this on the clock 10pm snack wish. This is the time in days of no diet that I would reason a quick trip to the fast food and maybe two tacos and a Jumbo Jack replace the bread with sourdough and extra onions with only extra mayo (no ketchup or mustard) with a soda maybe or that looks like a frappe shake might be better oh and those poppers I decided I needed as well to bring home with a Red Box movie.
This is my way for saying food in mouth at this time is NOT as bad as car in drive through at this time. Hooray, me thinks?


  1. The dreaded night munchies. Know them well.

    Because I ate a high salt meal out for lunch, I ate a lot of fruit with my light dinner. Have potassium rich foods today and you will debloat. Drink plenty of fluids. It will pass.

    A new day today. Be well

  2. I have a post at my place called "The Night Lie" back in March. I think it will help. I do low carb and was having trouble eating too much because I was eating because it was low carb and I felt like I could. I wasn't eating because I was hungry. You can really overeat on low carb because you can eat a lot of food and stay low in the number of total carbs. The Slimmer for Summer Challenge begins tomorrow. No more unwise eating!!

  3. Munchies or stress? Mine binges are always stress related. And I've got nothing but stress right now in my life. That's not good is it? haha.

  4. Okay, I checked out your blog to see your goals, but the Barbie scooter story just made me totally happy! Love your blog! Looking forward to more...

  5. Yup, step away from the BBQ hotdogs! New day tomorrow, new attitude. You can do this, stay strong. You won't regret it!

  6. Hey, there! I’m coming over from Debbi’s blog! So nice to “meet” you! I’ll be participating in the Slimmer This Summer challenge! I’ve got a lot to lose. Although, I’m a bit nervous about taking part in a challenge, I know that I’ll find the inspiration and support I need among new friends! I’m a new GFC follower and look forward to reading about your progress throughout the Slimmer This Summer challenge!

    By the way, love the look of your blog! Loving the vintage images...the manipulations are genius!

    Wishing us all luck in achieving our challenge goals!
    Under the Big Oak Tree

  7. I hate it when I get that way and it happens a lot. Sometimes you just can't stop eating until you're sick. And that sodium makes you feel terrible. I hate feeling that way. This next 12 weeks, we are not going to let this happen. When you feel like eating like that, chime in here. We're here to help. We CAN and WILL do this! Good luck :)

  8. How do you get your Nutrition Report to show up on your blog?

  9. Night munchies are a total emotional comfort thing for me. I know its a hard habit to break, but I know you can do it. Be strong, you are making good choices for the most part. We are all here to help you!

  10. You know whats great about the low carb eating ? You get to eat all that crap and find out later that it does not really work..You can then blame the diet.. You appear to so much smarter than 3 hot dogs and 5 turkey pastrami is healthful thinking.. ? I am confused

  11. Ah, the night munchies...I know them well. One of the goals I have for the challenge is to cut out my night time snacking...this will probably be the most difficult of my goals- after 8:00, no food. Guess I'll be going to bed at 7;59. LOL

    Enjoyed your post and your blog is gorgeous- I love the layout and design---everything!

  12. With all this bummer happening with my little snack incidence, to get so many comments makes me feel better. I thank you for all the kind words. And Allan's "how many times has a low carber heard that" statement.
    I am keeping up on my 4 bottles in the first part and 4 bottles in the last part of the day. I also drink 2-3 electrolytic zero carb beverages a week for fear all the peeing is taking out what I need and also supplement with vitamins and Omega 3 from Flaxseed oil, but I heard that fish is supposed to be better for low carbers. I am adding the finish reading Taubes book I have on Kindle to my goals.

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and attention.
    I am back on track.


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