Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 55

I decided not to stress. If this is water weight considering my caloric intake does not justify this up and down, then it will show up. Friday I weighed 265 and was happy. Saturday I weighed 269 and Sunday 272. I was really bummed. I just drank water and watched Anime all night last night locked in my room feeling bummed but happy to catch up on the series And I am trying to be able to sing the title lyrics in Japanese.

And with my little Xtreme scooter adventure with Chuggy Jack, it is a grand start for the challenge. I am waiting for the meds to kick in before I do my fasting Pilate workout which is just about now. 2 Tylenol and an Enteric Aspirin just because. It works. I want to go to PetMart and see if there is a harness carrier, because Jack (already named when we got him free from Craigslist 2 months ago) is going to be an adventurer like Jack Sparrow. He already acted like him when he pooped in the house. My daughter would scold him and put him outside, He loved to do her room and the kids room, but never mine. He started loving up to me. The last time he did it in the kids room I yelled "Jack What did you do?" He looked all guilty. I grabbed the poop (with a tissue) and him put him out on the dog tie and showed him his poop and threw it at him and said "This goes out here!" He has not pooped the house since. He loves me.

So to start out the Challenge again I am thanking Mir for support and comments. The potassium filled foods (I took a pill) and all that. And just for all of us to have a chuckle. An Asian Scot!

And so it begins. I am running late on the fasting workout. I just wanted to get this all out. I hope we all do well. I am hoping on that water weight loss to show up on the next weigh in. I am putting my stats on a side bar like weight and measurements. My food is set for the day. I am keeping it salady. Glad I got the food scale at Kmart for 7 bucks. And promising myself to keep within my eating window and do this IF with workout in check.

7:30 PM EDIT: Blogger had some upload problems because of maintenance. I had redone my eat list because I discovered we had smoked oysters, so I had to manipulate the menu and compensate for this and that to get it right and then EAT IT the fun part. Not as fun as some YOU MUST LOOK AT SOME OF THAT FOOD THEY BE BLOGGIN ABOUT AND TAKIN PICTURES OF. Nice!


  1. I am in love with Jack. What a awesome face. Full of character. Enjoy him. Here we come Slimmer by Summer we will rock this! Gracie

  2. Blah! Stupid scales! I hate how much the scale controls my mood but it is what it is, I suppose. I know some people who only weigh monthly; I don't know how they do it! Just keep doing the right things and the weight will come off. Having mini-plateaus or unwarranted gains is about the most frustrating thing ever!! But, this too shall pass. Keep your head up, girl!

  3. One of our TOPS members has this problem all the time. She exercises every day, stays with her correct calorie count, and then will have a 5 pound gain. Then the next Monday it's gone, plus more. I know this is very frustrating, but she keeps a steady pace and is losing. You can too. You are!

  4. Sometimes the scale can be cruel!! Dont let it stress you out - stress makes you gain weight ;)
    Sometimes your body just needs to adjust. When I have those weeks I call it settling weeks, like when a house Plus with summer/heat and exercise you will retain more water.
    Keep on your plan and you will do great!! Hugz

  5. Susan, I just read your comment on my blog...I didnt know you lived in Montana!! I get so homesick sometimes and I love to hear stories about home. I know exactly where Belgrade and The Flying J is! My mom lived in Bridger so we would drive down from Helena at least once a month and always go past Belgrade and Livingston on the way. I havent been back home for 7 years now and have really though about moving back.

  6. Big Sky for nothing. I enjoyed Montana. One of the best northern states ever.

  7. Okay, now we need Gerard's face on Tetsuji's body, for a laugh!

    I actually have added a starch serving back into my daily diet. I had read too much online about VLC freaking out the metabolism, and it scared the bejeezus outta me. So, back to what the R.D. recommended: one starch a day, no more. Taht's rice, sweet tater, cassava, or tater. Not wheat/rye/barley/legumes. For me, anyway.

    It will mean a blip up (add starch, get back some water weight, cause that's how it is). But that's fine. I'll deal.

    Which anime? Hubby and I love dem and check almost daily for the uploads on Anime Freak. We follow Bleach (and have for years), Beelzebub (hilarious), Ao no Exorcist (funny and fun), C:etc (more serious, but has humor, and battles with avatars), Deadman Wonderland (pretty serious), Hanasaku Iroha (I love this so much, about a young girl working in her strict granny's rural ryokan), and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (funny, a bit weird, has sweet moments). We loved Bakuman last season. And I still remember how excited I was over Higashi No Eden. I need to catch up on teh gay one (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) and Hana No Name (which was good, but hubby didn't like it so i lost track). And finish season 1 of Arakawa Under the Bridge (another hubby didn't like, but I thought was hilarious) so I can watch season two. For the young romantic in me, I love Kimi Ni Todoke, both seasons, and I follow the manga. :D

    Yeah, I'm an otaku. :)

    Let me know over on my blog which one you watch. I love anime songs and have a few CDS (and exercise to J-Rock and anime themes at Pilates sometimes).


  8. The scale is a fickle foe my friend. I've learned to step once & take the first number given... whether I like it or not... LOL! Good luck though, water weight is common this time of year so you can do it:-)

  9. Stick to the plan, keep tracking your food and the weight will eventually go away. Ignore the scale for a bit.

  10. Glad to see you are in this challenge, too. Your goals sound realistic. Michele at

  11. You will be fine, there are always up and downs with that scale.
    Your goals are all doable, just take it a day at a time.
    YOU CAN DO IT, I have faith in you.
    Take care now and sleep well. Blessings!!


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