Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 56

The thing is about these before and afters is that I initially did it to basically profane the skinny flapper only to see that both are so beautiful. Aren't they?

Silly twisted post today!

Is your computer mocking you with strange captcha messages? OMG IDK
Has Google become aware like the SkyNet Computer, but with a wicked sense of humor?

I needed to skip some of the Pilates positions to accommodate my rib injury. I can do all but 3 in the routine. I am going to search for another video that concentrates in areas that do not aggravate my cracked rib.
Besides, that it is diet business as usual. Slimmer this Summer!
Thanks for dropping by and giving me all that support yesterday! I am just gonna ride it out and take it as it comes keeping to the plan!

Edit at 4:18PM 
I needed to add a couple of ingredients to my meal. I changed my daily food diary accordingly.
I actually was able to do all but one , the criscross position in the Beginners Pilates. I think I just dislocated my rib on the left side just around the bra line. Like I said a familiar pain. Actually did twice in life.
One thing for sure, Shrimp is good, but hella sodium in it. Oops put the Sazon on the wrong meal. I actually used it with the shrimps.


  1. LOL thanks for the laugh!. Google is killing me... GET IT FIXED GOOGLE.I still have issues posting comments..Gracie

  2. I have seen some near freaky captchas! But not like THOSE.

    I sometimes think the FAT flappers look better. Depends on the design of the illustration. But's not always the skinny one that I find more appealing or eye-catching. Eye captcha-ing? ;)


  3. I am more drawn to the befores as well. Is is perception or just plain not hating on biggies? It is almost psychological how I look at them.

    Has anyone ever watched "Drop Dead Diva"? The skinny model dies and comes back as a fat lawyer. I really like the fat lawyer and think she is awesome.

    In life, our souls are what count, but the outer shell we have seems to distract the superficial people. Meaningful relationships deal with the whole not just what the eye sees, but that light carried with all the baggage. Too often, people don't get past the shell to see the pearl inside.

    Thoreau says "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us."

    I want to add what surrounds us, whether it be fat, or social position. Some of the wisest words came from a man who lived in a bathtub-Diogenes.

    Dieting is getting healthy more than anything. We are all shining souls with in.

  4. Hello Susan ! Love your blog , found you via the STS Challenge and looking forward to following your journey.

    I am a pilates girl myself, sorry to hear about your ribs. I recently did something to my shoudler & some exercises are being modified ! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. LOL love the captchas! I know the crisscross that you are talking about, its a killer, sorry to hear you got hurt by it :(

    Get better soon :)

  6. I LOOOOVE DDDiva. Watched it from episode 1. Hubby got into it with me, too. Jane rocks!Music is fun. Guest stars are great. And Stacy is hilarious. The fiance (former fiance, I guess) is so handsome. I don't mind that eye candy at all! Reminds me of Edward Albert, Jr, who was one of the crushes of my youth.


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