Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 57

"I'll be fine, Laury. Rocky gots them Coppers
eating donuts out of my hands"

I got a hair up my butt last night. I had some issues that I just did not have the tolerance to deal with. I usually am a believer in freedom of speech, but then there is a point. I can either ignore it and pretend it does not get to me, or just turn the "crap" off. So I did.

I do not believe that tough love in this environment of blogging is anything, but a statement of a masochistic dominant showing colors. It isn't cute or trendy, it is just play acting out serious inherent asinine traits and doing no one any favors, but the issuer of such.

 I am taking this diet very seriously. I am not playing. I do not want any dramarama play act bullshit coming down on me. I did something I never thought I would ever do, but I did it. I blocked a potential negative entry into my blog. I don't like what I read and I don't like who he is doing it to. You all know who he is and you all know what he does and yes I blogged about it to give more fuel to the male bitch fire. If I wanna blog and listen to machismo bitching...shit I would marry the damn blog and relive some of my years with Johnny Whine who was supposed to be my John Wayne! (a six year post marriage nightmare relationship to a younger man).

Everybody is being so nice and understanding and downright courteous on the blog roll. I really appreciate it. The bump is how can someone just up and go places and tell people they are wrong, it won't work or they are quiters? Screw that. I think I will just "bypass" that...sorry.

Cagney is a tough lover, but he is on the streets making his way, trying to get the money Bogie stole from him and trying to get back his mojo after getting out of prison by slapping around a few dead end kids and looking all bad. I love his eyes and his accent. Ann Sheridan is a beauty as well.

I back tracked my carbs and well check it out. I am almost on with the induction levels only since the first of this month. This is what I want. Induction weight loss. I am very focused. Yet you can see the pizza and the dinner roll days peaking up there. LOL. No way. I am very focused now. I gots me a scale and I do not want to fail.

It is threatening rain all day. Not a good time to set off with the stroller. I might just make up the exercise time with that old exercise bike in my room I have ignored, but the g babies love to ride.

Slimmer this Summer, baby!


  1. Love that- "I gots me a scale and I do not want to fail." That's awesome!

    I don't blame you for blocking negativity--I might have to do the same with someone--who needs it? Not us!

  2. Oh yes, we know who you mean. I saw your comment and giggled. I'm impressed he posted it, usually he posts the ones that just tickle his ego. I'm not even saying a word, I'm all about being positive and that's all I'm focusing on. No fake prizes, no making people feel guilty, just trying to be helpful and making a positive change!

  3. Look at those peaks

    I wish you well with induction! I know it's rough for some, easy for others, and generally is a great booster for loss. Go, Scooterbutt Sister, go!

    I can't tell teh diff between before and after on the copper. What am I missing??? Am I just tired??/ ; )

    I try to be uplifting. When I holler, I holler with love and humor and hope it comes across that way and not like a cruel thing. Well, Laryssa understands me. :D

    I think a drill sergeant is a great idea for some of us at some times in our journeys. Other times we need fluffy pillows or a cuppa tea and a chat. You know, what we need when we need it. I try to gauge what folks need...advice, encouragement, a holler, a laugh, a tickle, a link. I try, anyway!

    But I hope folks know I always, always, always mean well and want to see everyone succeed.

    Happy Wednesday, and yeah, Ann Sheridan was LOVELY. Was she the "Oomph Girl". That just came to mind and I can't remember if it was HER?

  4. Well, I dont know whats going on exactly, but I will say, its your right and prerogative to ignore and / or block those who attack, insult or offend you. You dont need the negativity and you dont deserve it. Chin up, keep on truckin' and smile cause you are worth it :) Keep up the good work on your challenge.

  5. That movie was one of my all time favorite Cagney movies next to The Man of 1000 Faces. There is such a thing as freedom of speech but being rude is just not necessary. You are to be commended by what you are doing. Sending hugs!!

  6. Love ya, girl. Keep on keepin' on!

  7. kk once again timmy is clueless but i'm glad you're taking up for yourself and your greater good. this is your journey and those who care about you are gonna support you through bumps and all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Oomph the German "NDH" (Neue Deutsche Härte) band? That is all I can associate with Oomph

  9. Oh and there is NO difference between the Copper before and Copper after...he's a Copper they all look alike. LOL


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