Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 58

Today's forecast in Idaho Falls is High 52 low 38. Our heater kicked on this morning. It is wet and cold out there. I was going foot neked and liking it, but now it is not good.

I ended up taking my walk with the stroller and all the kiddies after dinner. At first my legs feel old and bitching then they warm up and I get to going. I actually like the stroller in front of me and it is sad. It is like the handle bars to a walker, I must admit. I don't lean on it too much, but I somehow like it there in front of me. It gives me something to do beside waddle down the road alone. Being large is a weird pycho ego thing. I don't have a bell tower, but I am human! My grandbabies love me, though. Just as good as having an Esmeralda. LOL

This is for my Slimmin' Sister Mir:
ki su shi te-me bonnie lass

My mind on my diet and my diet on my mind.
Lets hear it for the StS!!

I am sorry that my calories are so low, but I am really full and it is working for me. I am bound and determined to reach the 50 lbs off by July 4th. I promise you I am supplementing with vitamins and flaxseed oil. I take a calcium pill as well. And I drink an electrolytic beverage with no carbs once a week. I also take a potassium tab once a week (sometimes twice). I have high hopes for this. I know there are more effective  types of vitamins as well, but I am a low budget low rent person lol.

Post lunch edit I added bacon to my lunch and lowered the meat amount for dinner.
Post dinner edit  Made it to dinner and I kept to the menu plan. I am full. If I feel the snack urge I am going to go to bed or step out for a bit. I am keeping to my water schedule. Oh and the weather forecast has changed here possible snow showers and high was 55.


  1. I think the low calories is fine as long as you have energy and are eating healthy calories. Can't wait to see your progress over the next few months!

    It was cold here too this morning, I walked to the dentist and needed a jacket!

  2. Hubba Hubba... The weather here is a little drizzly...but will warm up to 70's. Love your blog. Gracie

  3. I can't believe how cold it is there in June. That's nuts. We're having record breaking heat and humidity for June here in SC. Crazy I tell ya! By July it should be warm for you to strut that new body!!!! Go girl.

  4. I know all about wanting things to push in front of you--to hide and to help with support. By the end of summer, we won't bother with that anymore! Yay us!

    We're in the 90s. Again. We've been warm to hot since February. So I am a bit jealous of your cool weather!

  5. The body is Tetsuji Tamaya and the head of course Gerard Butler. It is Princess Dieter's perfect man combination.

    B.B, I love the look of the "Low Country" but I think I would have a hard time with the heat.

    My dream climate is Northern coastal. I like rocky and cool to cold beaches. I like fog. I love to wear sweaters. I love to search for sea weathered findings. I got to live on the WA coast for 6 months before my accident.

  6. Where's my damn horse story? Did I miss it somewhere?

    Go woman go! Great goal, keep up the good work. It's difficult, but we can do it!

  7. Gerard is so hot, he even looks good with a sleek Japanese physique. Thanks, Scooterbutt Sis. I like beefcake, be it Scottish, Japanese, etc. An attractive man is a balm to the feminine eye.

    I think there are plenty of excellent low-cost vitamins, so no need to stress. If you eat enough good protein, fruits, veggies, and antioxidant rich spices, you should be fine. Lotsa colors and fresh--there's your nutrients. Filling in the holes with supplements should be fairly easy as long as you eat WELL and well-rounded.

    I send "make your goal" vibes!

  8. Oh, and I think Gerard and Tetsuji are fine the way God made them...:) God does very VERY VERY good work sometimes, yes? :)


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