Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 59

It will be two months tomorrow?  It feels like a lot longer. Well, I am not stressing with the daily weigh thing. I have to confess I did step on the scale then I remembered that is what got me all stressed before. I will not weigh until Monday morning or even say if it is positive or negative this peek of mine.

I promised a horse story to Marilee from "Woman Getting Healthy" one of our StS sisters.
I was living in Ellensburg, WA (central), my friend won tickets for the Summer Jam at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. She took her her 10 yr old daughter. Me and her hubby (my best buddy,too ) drove with and he took me around to see the Olympic coast while they were at the all day event. We returned and picked up the wife and kid and stayed the night in Aberdeen in a cheap motel. All I thought was Aberdeen is where Kurt Cobain is from. We left in the morning for Ocean Shores. When we got there we looked for sand dollars and walked the beach. I saw a lady with horses for rent. OMG I had not rode a horse in a long time. It was expensive, but I had enough for us girls to ride. My friend is 6 ft  and her daughter was as tall as me at 10 and I am 5'5". We all were pretty large girls. I think I was weighing 250 at the time 2007. We asked to rent 3 horses. The lady told us that her horses had a weight limit, but there was another horse place at the access to the north that had Clydesdale horses and they would be able to handle us.

Click here to read the cute story about the photo

We thought, wow OK let's go ride a Clydesdale and headed off to the other beach access. When we got there we told the man what the lady had told us. He chuckled and said "That woman was F-ing with you. She just didn't want you to ride her horses. Nobody has Clydesdale horses to ride. She was telling you that you are so fat that you need a Clydesdale."  He was packing it in because it was windy and so we couldn't ride HIS horses, but he explained that an hour is a long time to have a horse and if you are big, it is a risk that the horses get overworked. He said he rides and he is a big guy, but he doesn't ride hard or long.  We thanked him and well this is the story. All I have to do is call my friend and say Clydesdale and we laugh (but a part of us does not). I just linked her a photo of Santa riding a Clydesdale on Facebook.

The thing about this friend is that she lost 40 lbs doing induction in one month. In those days, it was hard to keep to low carb because she was the General Manager of a Truck Stop and I worked it as well when I was on. Donuts, Subway, gizzards, turkey legs, pizza, all the soda we wanted, oh and chips all kinds. Candy all kinds. Beer at the casino when I was assistant managing the Montana branch...Yep I quit. (the diet, not the job). I commend anyone who works around food and maintains their diet.

Not this time!

If you analyze my eats, I don't trust eating without counting, so I am low carb low calorie doing it. Maybe that defeats the process, but we will see. Either way I have lost weight so HOORAY. And expect to lose more.
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  1. That was a very bad awful horse story! Oh heavens. You sure got suckered in by that first woman. That's just mean! But funny too.

    I'll never be able to see a Clydesdale again without thinking about this.

    And don't worry about daughter-in-law's horse, Troy. He's a big boy!

  2. that was unfortunate but understandable, at 300 i would have NEVER ridden a horse it wouldn't be safe for me or the horse. it would have been better had she just been completely honest and said she was sorry. i always thought how awful it would be for an airline to demand that extra seat charge for being fat. my poor friend was in europe at eurodisney and the ride wouldn't close with her in it she had to be moved to a special fat section in front of everyone. sadly most of us have a bad fat story, DAMN that's depressing!thanks for sharing it's not easy to be brutally honest and i do appreciate it! xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, I'm sorry that happened :( I've always loved riding horses (we had a couple when I was growing up), but at my heaviest (240), I didn't do anything where I thought there might even be a slight chance that the person would tell me no because of my weight (riding horses, riding rollercoasters, etc.). It's awful because I'm sure a lot of heavy people don't do the things they love in life because they are worried about similar things.

    That lady sounds like a b-i-t-c-h though; so unnecessary. I'm glad you and your friend get a laugh out of it now. What's that saying about laughing so you don't cry? That sums me up pretty well. I would rather be self-deprecating and funny, than emotional, in regards to my weight.

    Anyway, glad to hear the scale is treating you a bit nicer :) I especially loved the flapper photo morph today ;)

  4. Horrible horse lady! I can see where it would be something that you would remember though.

    I think your food is fine, very low calorie though. Just make sure you're keeping enough energy for exercising!!

  5. That is an amazing story about the dog and the Clydesdale. Wow. Two months huh? Congrats. That's a big step.


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