Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 60

My initial blog goal was to take the first step to lose 50 lbs by July 4th. I recently thought of what I wanted to do when I reach my first big goal on July 4th and in the beginning, I thought eat, and then now I think-why? Oh there is a BBQ celebrating a friends' new manly man grill he has decided to unveil on that date, but I envisioned potato salad and all and thought...I am not that excited or even better not  afraid. Other people's food does not bother me anymore. I do not miss the stuff. I am fine just sustaining myself with the foods I know that will help me become thinner. If you see my left side bar timer, the 4th is in 22 days and I hope that I can actually pull off losing 19 pounds by then. That is a lot to expect. A pound a day? Oh did I just tell on my weight loss for the first StS week? I peeked again this morning. I could very much lose 1 or 2 more by Monday? I will confirm it all in my weigh in on Monday  morning.

Much criticized Taubes reiteration of an 19th century Banting diet is good for me at the present. I believe that I can lose more than a comparative bowel movement for obese and I am Kumbayahing my mofo'in mojoin' butt to be "Slimmer This Summer".  Not necessarily a challenge, but a co-operative of some really nice peeps  wanting to do the same! Without any dramarama, to deal with. The italicized words are direct quotes from a blog that WAS bashing on StS, yet claims not to have...Enough of that. I do not want to dwell on a very unattractive moment in a person who should be commended for fortitude and acheivement, yet has these moments.

I had a commercial idea for a med that women all know of. The scenario is a stressed out office worker showing physical gestures of frustration, and yelling. Another co-worker goes up to her and shows her a bottle of Midol, passing it to her and whispering "It works". I am going to manipulate the pic for that with some Vintage housewife holding the bottle. I need to find two women whispering, though. I manipulated a Rockwell of two women at the mailbox sort of arguing into an animation of one just up and kissing her. It was funny and my lezzy supporting friends all liked it [see it here]. I called it "1942 Anachronism".

I hope Debbie has a great time in the Baraboo area. Yep, I know the territory. If your man does some fishing...get a pick of a Muskie and a Walleye and show us ok! I haven't seen any since my youth that was filled with fishing in a great state for growing up-Wisconsin!

Rae Rae (above) is my Pilates coach and sometimes partner depending on my and her mood. She is 4 and does her own hair design. Yep she did the braids herself. She goes into mommy's bathroom and does this unsupervised. Look how straight that part is! She is going to do my toe nails so my weight loss scale pic has prettier toes.

Post breakfast edit: If you notice my live cam of Idaho Falls to the left sidebar, you will see that the falls are really swelling from the rains and melt. The Northwestern cities around rivers are seeing high level. So "ScooterButt Susie" will be taking off to see them and walk around the riverwalk. I still have no harness for my doggie "Chuggy Jack", so this time I will avoid accident and NOT TAKE THE LITTLE SHIT.
Way past dinner edit: I am getting that check to see what is in the fridge feeling, so I am holing up in my room watching my Anime and finishing my water for the day. I will sleep soon.


  1. Hey Susan...glad I found you! Your blog has a really fun and cool vibe...I'm going to enjoy keeping up with you. Can't wait to see the toes! :-)

  2. I heard about these rising waters on the weather channel. It's early on too so it's going to get worse. La Nina they blame it on. Great post, love your pilates partner!

  3. I'm Kumbahyahing mine off, as well! Made me laugh...

  4. Lol...loved it! I am also, "Kumbayahing my mofo'in mojoin' butt to be "Slimmer This Summer". Keep up the great work.

  5. We are going to enjoy the challenge together and anyone who dislikes it or our goals can....... well, I'll be nice and not finish that but it does involve a cliff and a bed of nails. ;)

  6. It's been ages since I sang Kumbaya. We'er overdo. ;)

    Your Pilates coach is way cuter than mine! :*

    And thank you for baptizing yourself with my moniker for you. Makes me smile. It's sassy, like you!!

    I find that I'm just not as tempted as I used to be at family functions. And I bring plenty of stuff I CAN just take a dish or two of your own ScBSusie Friendly Fare.

    I hope you make your goal, but I do worry it may be ...a lot. But if you think you can do it while eating fine and getting your nutrition, hit the ground running. Looking forward to your weigh-in. With your dedication to VLC eating, it has to be a huge loss.

    Sunday blessings upon you...


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