Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 61

I hope your weekend was like this "far out" video I found. My contemporary weight loss bloggers will remember this and the younger ones will say some modern day slang expletive word of amazement! I won't autoplay it to force you to hear or see it because it conflicts with all the other posts if you search or go back or have two on your main page. So promise me you will watch it and enjoy it. It will make you feel good.

The Daily Vinyl video #03: "Saturday In The Park" by Chicago from The Daily Vinyl on Vimeo.

I invented music videos. Yes I did, don't argue with a 9 year old! It was 1967 and this is a memory flashback! LOL. I might torment you with a few of these on my blog. Be prepared!

When I was 9 yrs old I saved up all my allowance to buy one of those new small transistor radios. They came with an earphone! I was so feeling groovy about that. I had seen a kid in my school sneak one in and put her hair over the cord. I remember listening to my favorite rock and roll AM station, I especially liked "Ruby Tuesday" by the Stones and really liked this song by Donovan and think of the world as a movie with music background and maybe they could play stage what the song is about and we could watch it on TV or at the movies! Oh I got caught by my teacher. She gave it back to me after school. I was bad I used to go into her desk and swipe her magic markers. They smelled so good. LOL. Thus the beginning of a rebel stoner of the 70's. I got over it somewhat. It took a while. I was very happy and hungry for a good term of my teenage and early adult life.

There is a Mountain by Donovan on YouTube

"Caterpillar sheds it's skin to find the butterfly within" ~Donovan 1967
"Lovely large StS girls shed their obesity, to find the Slimmer Diva within"~Ms. Scooter Butt 2011

See you Monday. Keep strong, Warriors.

I am riding me scooter to the mall. It sounds lonely, but I haven't been to the mall in ages. Going there with out money just window shopping and walking. That will be my exercise. Keeping it light today so there is no surprise on the scale in the morning.

Oh and sorry for all the confusion of  Scooter Butt or Scooter Butt Susie or Ms. Scooter Butt and then I tried the pic. As I surfed around and kept seeing the pic, I got to thinking better in the progression than the profile. LOL Thank you Mir, for keeping it alive since the post. I decided yes-That's me!

7PM edit:
I would like to apologize if my extreme blocking of Almost Gastric Bypass has made all these changes happen. I saw total negativity happening with his challenge comparison not to mention the "Low carb don't work comment he left me". I am 53 and have zero tolerance for that kind of thing. It is honesty on his end, and possibly a lack of couth there as well. I just did not want it here. Yet there seemed to be such a big fuss and I really feel that I am NOT responsible, but if I did make it so, I am sorry that I have changed your blog world.  Passwords to get in...How is anybody who doesn't know about blog dieting going to benefit in finding you>>> the ones that really have to be applauded for your achievement?


  1. On my last job before I moved to SC, I used to keep a huge big and fat black magic marker in my desk. Myself and one of my assistants used to sniff once in awhile. It was sooooo good. We'd laugh and put it back until the next time we were stressed and needed a laugh! You brought back great memories with the transister radio. We lived in NJ so we got WABC in NYC with Cousin Brucie as DJ. Those were the days. Feelin' Groovie!!!

  2. Back in the days us kids on bikes, catching frogs, tree forts, grass forts, bush forts. Riding to the local store buying candy for a nickel, so a dollar from mowing dad's lawn was enough to feed your friends. Marbles. Climbing fruit trees and climbing fences and trees without someone yelling Liability. It was 1972 when candy went up to 15 cents a bar. I was in high school by then, two years later buying gas at 49 cents a gallon. And smokes for the same price because I was a bad wanna be rock star girl.
    On the bright side I had no idea what condoms cost and even today I am a bit naive to stuff. Like I have no idea what STFU means. I can pretty much figure the FU part, but what is the ST mean?

  3. I remember WABC and Cousin Brucie!!! And I had such a fun retro-flash with Donovan there. Wasn't he just so fun. I had a mini-crush on him when I was a kid. Wonder what he's like now?

    Ms. Scooterbutt. Me likey.

    Low carb isn't for everyone. I don't do VLC cause, well, I fear very low anything . hah. But also I love fruit and I like sushi, so I want to have a bit of rice and taters once in a while and, if the spirit moveth me, some real sugar chocolate. But not much. That's pretty much the deal with me these days. I can only have a whole dang lot of is non-starchy veggies..moderation in all else and calorie counting. I guess I'm kinda used to that. I do know that being high carb is not good for me. Moderate carb keeps me happy and without crazy pangs, so, I continue the journey with my starch in check....

    Happy Scooting, Sassy Susie!

  4. are the first person in many many years who remembers WABC and Cousin Brucie. What a hoot!! See Susan, you're blog is so much more than just dieting!


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