Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 63

From Dictionary Online:
flapper:  "forward young woman," 1921 slang, from flap (v.), but the exact connection is disputed. Perhaps from flapper "young wild-duck or partridge" (1747), with reference to flapping wings while learning to fly; but other suggested sources are late 19c. northern English dialectal use for "teen-age girl" (on notion of one with the hair not yet put up), or an earlier meaning "prostitute" (1889), which is perhaps from dial. flap "young woman of loose character" (1610s). In Britain the word took on political tones in reference to the debate over voting rights.

"Flapper" is the popular press catch-word for an adult woman worker, aged twenty-one to thirty, when it is a question of giving her the vote under the same conditions as men of the same age. ["Punch," Nov. 30, 1927]
In 1920, women in America won the vote! A new found freedom. Look at how they just lifted those skirt lines and lowered the neck. Prior to the vote, women who did so were classified as hookers. And the whole movement for the vote was called the "Suffrage". This seems a word that might be a kin to the word suffer, but it was not. It comes from the Latin Suffragium which meant voting tablet. One likable synonym of suffrage is voice. It is a call, cry, delivery, vox populi, statement, delivery, declaration...can you see where I am going with this rattling round about? Let me continue:
suffer-(word history):
(Date of Origin 13th c.) To suffer something is etymologically to ‘hold it up from underneath’, to ‘sustain’ it’. The word comes via Anglo-Norman suffrir from Vulgar Latin *sufferīre, an alteration of Latin sufferre ‘sustain’. This was a compound verb formed from the prefix sub- ‘up from underneath’ and ferre ‘carry’ (a relative of English bear). The word’s modern meaning evolved from ‘sustain’ via ‘undergo’ and ‘undergo something unpleasant’ to ‘endure’. (from
In my weirdo research of this...suffer in Latin can be the words sino, laboro, or perfero. (allow, work, endure). And notice the date of origin? Wow, no word for suffering before that? LOL.Sheesh the Babylonians were fiddling with complex math and surely they suffered in 3000 BC!

What am I getting at? Well it is all a rattle brain round about to the DIET. Oh yah? Well...if you fu fu and eat off track,  pick up and start again. We should not allow ourselves to make this a suffering but more like a suffrage.

Lighten up on yourself and just move on with it. As long as you continue your journey and do not just up and quit and revert to a denial life of donuts filled with custard times 3 for breakfast and whole pizzas for lunch and a mountain of fried food on your plate with a stack of mashed potatoes and gravy then later dessert that is a big bowl 4 scoops of ice cream topped with caramel. As I have reasoned this, you can recover from the little shit, but the big shit stinks and then you SUFFER.

And if you or anybody else is riding you for just a simple fu fu I suggest a bit of impromptu sing along: (Dancing recommended for the exercise benefits).

I am not on drugs. LOL.
I am turning my body into a temporary chemistry project. Don't panic. I am Fat Fasting. Testing it out. You might think it is way unhealthy, but hey I have been unhealthy for years and this is only a week long experiment.

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  1. Yeah, I'm too chicken to try something like that. What are you doing, the ketogenic coconut oil fast? I've read up some on that (okay, very little, but some). ; )

    My only recommendation--and I say it to anyone doing low cal dieting--is have the doc check you out. Otherwise, your body. Do it the way the docs describe and see. But this is extreme, and while I champion anyone's right to do what the heck they want re what goes in their mouths, I do think a good check-up, bloodwork, and monitoring ain't a bad thing.

    Best with it, Sassy Scooterbutt Sis.

  2. My idea of women's sufferage back then was bloomers, stockings, corsets, camisoles, slips all before putting a dress on. Good God! Imagine in the hot summer? Now that's sufferage.

  3. "Voice." I love that...alot.

    Fasting in general can be very cleansing. But for a season. Then it just seems like moderation is the way to go. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. My goal is "moderation in all things." Think I read that in a "good book" somewhere. :-)


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