Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 64

This is an excerpt of  what I read online at The Low Carb Connoisseur
it is from Atkins, but they published it on LCC;
The Fat Fast is one controlled carb program where you do have to count calories. You'll eat 1,000 calories a day, with 75 percent to 90 percent comprised of fat. Frequent feedings prevent hunger better than three meals a day, so you consume five feedings, perhaps one every four hours, comprising 200 calories each. Because of the high fat content and frequent feedings, very few people experience much hunger. The stumbling block for some people is the absence of conventional meals. But most are willing to stick with it for a few days, even if the food selections are unfulfilling.

Caution: The Fat Fast is actually dangerous for anyone who is not metabolically resistant. For people who lose weight fairly easily, the rate of weight loss is too rapid to be safe. But it carries very little risk for people who can barely lose on any other regimen.

I see this in writing and I just laugh at that cautionary notice. Too rapid weight loss? My daddy was raised in the Missouri Adirondacks where the hillbillies are from. Thus my unnatural doggie (hound dog) magnetism, and my female Tom Sawyerish attitude. And my show me need.

I was good in school in most my topics, but in Mr. Hanson's chemistry class I just did not get it. I got my only C in high school in that class. If this Atkins article on Fat Fast has some chemistry equation and all I have to do is eat fatty meat up to 1000 cal. a day for 4 days, then maybe I can grok all that in application.  I know it will be unpopular with my StS sisters, but it is in me to take this on. I need to see it not just read it.

It has been nice out the past 3 days. Son in law home from out in the field, so I took off without the grand babies yesterday. I took the side roads and didn't know the back way to the mall. I stopped at an intersection to think and a girl waved me to go on. I gestured this lost look and yelled "I don't know which way I want to go. Do you think this road goes all the way to the mall?" By then all these cars are behind her and a giant high riding truck threatens to pass her at the stop sign, She goes ahead and turns and stops right next to me. She had a nose piercing the kind like a bull ring? It was dark purple. Otherwise she looked pretty straight and conservative. Her car had no stickers so she wasn't a Jugalette. She was telling me how to get to the mall. And I just nodded and only could try not to stare at her piercing (thank goodness I had sun glasses to hide my eyes) and I was not really listening. I already intended on just adventuring it out, but she insisted on telling me about a left and then a right and small bridge and a hill...When she stopped I said "Wow thank you so much"! And we went our ways.

I was gone about 3 hours in and out of stores. In all of my scooter adventures I have met and spoke with some cool people. I will relate only one. I met two guys on a national adventure they had brand new BMW motor bikes and gismos for video capture on their helmets. You can read about it on their website [here] . Josh and I talked for a good 15 mins at the outdoor Starbucks cafe section of Barnes and Noble. They were just chillin. Just started their year long tour from Redding, CA.. I looked it up and still not sure but it deals with climbing not sure if it is with or without the bikes. Their website will have video. These guys don't just stop and enjoy the view they go out there and climb and play on it. I love extreme sports. But I just watch them.

There were at least 3 more encounters of friendly talkative people, like me.One with a car full of teeny boppers laughing at my scooterbutt. Somehow my horn malfunctioned (hee hee), but my finger did the job so much better.

Empty Pedometer slots at WalMart and I had to do the cheeseburger no bun.

This is the second time I just had to have what I saw on Carb Tripper. The first was deviled eggs. They actually have the burger king double cheeseburger plain no bun nutritional info on my fitness pal. And now she has a crustless quiche on there, but she has the recipe link.  Mmm asparagus. Mmm mushrooms. I also liked the parmesan coated cauliflower.
In traditional Chinese medicine, wild asparagus has a sweet, bitter taste and cold properties, and works with the Lung, Kidney and Heart meridians. It is one of the most valued shen tonics in all of herbal medicine. It opens the heart (increasing well-being and peace of mind); moistens and purifies the lungs (which removes toxins from the respiratory tract and aids in breathing); and promotes the production of kidney yin (which may improve sexual potency). Some practitioners use asparagus as part of a facial mask to moisturize the skin and nourish yin. From Nutritional Wellness website
Today I will look for some wild asparagus but first I will check the local place that lets you pick and buy to see if it is even sprouted out enough. I am gonna have to freeze it.
I will be editing my food diary as I eat today.
[my daily food diary link here]


  1. So, are you going to do the fat fast? Bacon, bacon, bacon. I'm going to figure out a 1000 calorie 75-90 percent fat diet and see what I get to eat. Ok, this doesn't sound too healthy, but we didn't get this way from eating healthy, now did we? Perhaps you could rent one of those cardiac heart re-starter things just in case your arteries seize up and become completely clogged during the fat fast. How did I ever miss this fast?

  2. It can't be any worse than all you can eat fried food buffet. Or Lobster fest 4 days a week. Only 4 days. Or a trip to the SW and cheesey mexican lardy food.

  3. I'm going to have to check out Carb Tripper! I don;t think I have ever had wild asparagus. How is it compared to what you get in the store?
    Stay strong!

  4. You have a point, Scooter Butt! I tried to come up with a plan and the best I could do with five 200-calorie meals was 76% fat. I'm going to try again for 90% fat. I love a challenge. And no, I don't think I'm going to try it, but the Mexican lardy food diet sounds good.


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