Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 65

I thought I'd brighten up the place. Maybe it is psychological, but the gray was drab and the font had some glitches.

Many of you know Gary Taubes by face and reputation. His last blog entry was his lipid panel results. He is a dedicated fatty food meat eating low carb dude.
Imagine a breakthrough that totally upsets the standards (or at least a gives feasible alternative). He goes back into history and brings us research that has been shelved and mocked because it threatens the mega money making norm!  He is getting it from all ends for bringing this back into the light. Fitness gurus as far back as some of these ads:

 And do you remember the song sung by a boy with lo-ve-ly blond locks just in the neighborhood of Fleet Street in London?

Twas Pirelli's
Miracle Elixir,
That's wot did the trick, sir,
True, sir, true.
Was it quick sir?
Did it in a tick, sir,
Just like an elixir
Ought to do!

How about a bottle, mister? Only costs a penny guaranteed. Even as ladies seem to love it and flies do, too..I have a feeling it could make the pounds come off as well (if it were up to Adolfo Pirelli).

I AM giving this Fat Fast 4 days. Starting today, because although I ate a bunch of meat and  greasy stuff, but I did not do it exacta to the posts I have read in the Low Carb community. It is 5 small meals of 200 calories each and 90% fat. I found a food list and I am going by the most ghetto and available in my fridge. The chicken with mayo and egg yolk and mayo. Luckily I like mayo. Damn I wish I had some macademia nuts. I love them, but out of funds until Friday. Spent what was left on booze and smokes. LOLOLOLOL. No, please don't scream! I am just feeling like a lunatic and kidding with you on the booze and smokes! You know it is a full moon out there as this is a scheduled post typed in the shine of the full moon!

Might seem like Slimmer This Summer Lunatic Approach...

Bear with me. I know the health aspect is to scream about. I promise to fight for my life not to die. LOL.

[my daily food diary link here]


  1. i do 2 deviled egg halves and a scoop of tuna salad at each meal when i do the fat fast and it does work, good luck and GREAT results!

  2. I love what you've done with the place.

    My mom and sister have both lost a lot of weight, my mom tells me to avoid fat free stuff and that fat free is making me fat. If she ever stalls on weight loss she kicks her fat up to 90% and then she starts losing again. I didn't realize their was a fat fast. Good luck.

  3. good luck with the fat fast! I do try to avoid fat free stuff, as it tends to be chemicals and sugar... but still limit my full fat stuff. I'll be interested to see how it works for you!

  4. I have never heard of such of thing, I bid you well. I will be diong some reading, keep us posted on how it goes. This post just cracks me up..... you're too cute. LOL

  5. I could probably do a week of just 1,000 calories of macadamia nuts a day. (And coffee. That went without saying.)

    Can't wait to hear how it goes! And I agree with the others--I do 1% milk and lowfat sour cream but I'm full fat with everything else.

    Happy fat fast!

  6. Good luck... I can't do mayo or miracle whip ewwwww! I look forward to seeing how it goes.

  7. If you are able to eat butter, try hardboiled or deviled eggs with a pat of butter. :-)

  8. That full moon picture is stunning.


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