Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 66

I'm zero carbs, but MY master won't eat me!
When Chuggy Jack is bad, I tell him "Watch out dogs are zero carbs"! I just tease him, but as small as he is, you think that when a human, especially a large human approaches, animals might think that they are gonna get eaten. In a doggie's mind. I also go up to him with my finger pointed like a gun and make a "pshiew" sound and he rolls on his back with his legs up. I discovered this one morning and when my grand kids woke up, I rushed them to my room. OMG the laughter.

500 dogs saved April 2011 in China by a dog lover link here
"Dog meat is good for your health and metabolism," explains Li, the hostess who declined to give her first name. "In the summer it helps you sweat."  
[CNN news story link]

Looks just like my hairy man. Best dog ever. RIP
No wonder Chow's are good fighters like my pupper doggers Sabbath RIP -the best dog ever! And if you have ever seen "Hachikō: A Dog Story"? My dog Sabbath was a chow lab or what I/they call "chowbrador". He was black and short haired, but he looked like a small black Akita. When I watched Hachikō (Hachi) for short (a 2009 doggie movie with Richard Gere), I cried the hardest I have in such a long time. I would put up real picture, but all my pictures got destroyed in a flood. I would say "Demon Dog" and he would play out this mean look and well you just had to be there. Such a loyal dog, too. Many many stories of his loyalty.
He would get out to go find some doggie (as I called it) like Houdini, he could get out. I used to say, well he is part Chow Chow, so it is in his genes to be smart and get away or be food. LOL
This is not a joke, though. Many Chinese citizens consider it a right to eat what they want. They believe those nations opposing it are just trying to be culturally superior.
Luo Yonghao (罗永浩), founder of, one of China’s most liberal and edgy blog portal, wrote, “Those dogs are private property. Those who own it can do whatever to them, just like those who pet dogs and love dogs all get their dogs neutered. Have you considered rescuing the little ones’ genitals? Whoever waylaid them is a stupid the 'c' word worse than saying the 'b' word.”
I can almost swallow the Fat Fast portions whole. Let's see if this chemistry experiment works.
Hope you all are doing well and drinking your H2O. Have a great Daddy day weekend.

There is actually a big event here in Ideeho Falls. Idaho Falls has a very large Mormon population.(edited in: Mormons are really into gluten free and organics as I witnessed many buying when I was a grocery checker here).
Mormon's are patriarchal, Mother's day had no big event at the river. I will be there with my scooterbutt.
5 dollar admission trying to ward off the concession smells. Hope I run into someone who hasn't seen me in a while and they notice the 31 pounds lost.

[post edit Friday morning] I changed my ticker and my fitness pal to my current weight this morning at 260 a 3 lb loss since Monday. By doing so I commit to this and damned it that frakking scale goes any where but down! If this Fat Fast claims a rapid weight loss...let's just see if it is drastic or different from what I have been doing already. It is day 2 of my 4 day Fat Fast experiment. I am still alive lol.

[my daily food diary link here]


  1. Nice to start my day with a picture of Chuggy Jack--what a cutie! (I won't say "delicious"...) And yes, I hope that when people see you they're blown away!!!

  2. have fun and drink LOTS of water before during and after, it'll keep you from craving/cheating! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. have a great time! And good luck fighting the smells!

    Oh.. and the almond milk... I have the Almond Breeze Chocolate here in front of me, and it's 3 carbs, with one gram of fiber, so 2 net carbs. Be sure to get the unsweetened though! I love the vanilla too! :)

  4. Interesting to see where the experiment is come two more days.

    I'm making my plans to escape temptations on Sunday when the family gathers. Wish my knees were sound so I could play with the kiddies, but it'll be restful for the Princess (as much as I can).

    The pic of the black short-haired is lovely. I am sooo sorry you lost your photos in a flood. This worries me when we have hurricanes. I can't replace the old photos of mom/dad ,childhood, etc. I'd mourn for sure if they ewre lost to flood or fire...

    Enjoy the scooting. Be well, babe...

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my whole grain pizza. In case you decide to try it, I recommend a teaspoon of Parmesan, it only adds about 10 calories, but it improves the flavor exponentially!!!!

  6. You TELL that scale where to go!! Only down, YEA! Keep that up! Oh, and if those people didn't notice the 30 lbs. loss, they will FOR SURE notice by the end of this summer! Stick with it!


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