Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 67

I decided to weigh myself every day of this Fat Fast experiment. I also decided not to push the exercise.. Got some black stretchy capri length pants for a dollar on sale at WalMart. My daughter bought them for me. I had bought some just over the knee stretchy cotton shorts at Sam's club a year ago and I love them and asked her if she saw any on sale. They are about 2 inches longer at the knee and no little side slit flare, but they are fine especially for a dollar! But check this out!

And I haven't done the morning movement....hmm. It will be interesting to see tomorrow's results.

I mentioned my son in law got back from the field. He gets to stay home for a week and leaves tonight. During this week, I saw the effects of manly eating on my daughter. Men are easy enablers. And my son in law is NOT on a diet. So he comes home like a hungry man does. I feared he would start beating his chest now that he has this upper middle class pay job. He did a little. Words like "I work my ass off and I expect". Mostly he teases my daughter with play criticism. As he sits there with all three kids in his big ass lap watching Netflix and the kids are so comfortable and still. You gotta love it. As a teenage father grown into this marriage...he has shown his love for his kids and his wife are immense. They have been together 8 yrs and married 6 of those.
Jake their teenage love child and Kindergarten graduate 2011.
They had two more cuz they make them so cute!
So my daughter says, she will get back on the diet when he leaves. I went to go get something out of the van and I see Jack In The Box empty bags. The other day it was pizza... They came home yesterday with Albertson's chicken with potato salad yesterday for dinner. There was some deal on ice cream if you bought A&W root beer, so they all had root beer floats. They went on a night run to get nachos and I dare not look in the fridge it might be cheesecake. This is a one day scenario of Mr. Man back. It has been a frakkin feasterama. I liked the BBQ going for my meat. Even at portions of 4 oz it tastes damn good.

As I suspected this with the Nachos was their night snack run.

I don't even feel sad that I haven't eaten like that in the past 2 months. I think eating like that just drove me to where I am today. Fed up to 294 lbs. No more of that. I will not ever blindly gorge my food again.


Oh and his grand parents have been parked in their RV here for the past month. They are moving to Cali, but they accumulated so much that they have to do it in pieces month by month. This month they got stuck up here. It looks like rednek parking lot outside with a pop up trailer, 9 vehicles and an RV. They are leaving after the first of the month. If I was a retired couple and had an RV and a good retirement from high end jobs, I would still ditch the belongings and take what is on my RV and maybe a scooter that rode two hanging on it and head off to all the beaches in America.

One of my best moments of solitude is when everybody goes out and I stay home....and I pee with the bathroom door wide open.

[my daily food diary link here]
7:30 edit: I blew the Fat Fast. I had to have a slice of my meatloaf. That is the bad part. The good part is my induction level carbs are within it's limit. So maybe this will not affect the scale.  I could not do another day of just a piece of meat with mayo. 5 times a day. I am starved. I need to go shake this. 
I think if I get on a video game and kill monsters, that will do it. Drink water. Then go to bed. Arghhhh!

My lunch and dinner data on my diary represent two meals each. I am allowed only 1 oz of chicken with 1 Tbsp of mayo. I dash a part of that table spoon with horsie sauce. I also cooked my chicken breast with sausages and butter threw in some cilantro for flavor with Mrs.Dash and put some EVOO on it. When it cooled I put it in a zip lock and weigh it out as I go. 1 oz of meat is not too big. I would rather eat the breakfast portion all through, but I am sticking with the diet I read about. With only the breakfast a bit different.


  1. That scale number looks like mine... No more of that trash can full of junk!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! I love myfitnesspal!!! Nicole @

  2. You are a brave and courageous woman! Can't believe you are actually sticking on that crazy diet with all that food chaos going on around you. How impressive is that?

    I'm retired and just want to stay home. Guess I got my fill of traveling when I was a kid. Wouldn't mind another Alaska cruise or a week on a pretty beach, but it seems like so much trouble.

  3. God bless you for staying on plan with all that going on! Wow!

    I know what you mean though about NOT being sabotaged this time! I think I've FINALLY reached that same point!

  4. It is hard right now because I made a killer meatloaf and I put it on a platform when I cooked it so all the grease would drain. Meatloaf is my favorite way of ground beef. So I took a bite to try my concoction. Should not of done that. It is marrrrvelous. I am gonna freeze some for Monday..

  5. Men are the worst diet killers! On one day of vacation I watched my husband consume: 3 Bagels, 2 Bananas, a protein shake, a smoothie, two egg Benedict, a side of bacon and a triple scoop banana split sundae with a lemon freeze all before dinner!! I had a chicken wrap and a cup of coffee, but I think I gained weight just watching him eat all that crap! It was like sympathy fat or something!!

  6. Back on track in no time, lady. You can do this. Good job on the weight down already.


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