Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 83

This has been the best week yet. I really think the water and the sodium watch has a lot to do with it. Not to mention I am really regular with my vitamin supplements and added red rice yeast and fish oil opposed to the flaxoil, but I am taking the flax as well. I omitted cheese as well. I think I only ate a tbsp of parmesan from the shaker in my eggs once. I am at a bbq at the Amazon girls that has quit on joining us.Teriyaki ( I am going home to take chuggy jack out and pick up my own steak without the marinade and some lettuce) How diet anal is that? I had left for the parade without eating just a cup of coffee, so I stole a bar-s weinie out of Amazonia (I love them they are just some tall ass women).

I ate half a tomato as I prepared 4 kabobs with mushrooms. 2 meat 2 chicken and big ones. Also a salad including an egg white. And am back to Amazonia. Will take a pic to share for tomorrows blog. I'm smoking and ain't calling the fire department!
-7.4 lbs (gone forever)
Actually, my daughter also quit temporarily. I watched her macking on those nachos and dipping it in a bowl of cheese dip and eating them new gooey Chips Ahoy. I say F-it. I ain't going back to that! Bring it on!

I also had a light beer and still was at only 18 carbs for the day

Edit around 7:30"- the food was out too long. I resisted chips and bean dip, but I had to scrape some guacamole off the top. Then I ate 2 thighs. I lost some of my power, but I was able to stop. I guzzled 3 bottles of water. LOL

We  have so much fire works.  Did not bring my reading glasses so I could avoid the internet...but I needed to log into myfitness to see what damage my fu fu did. I ate about 300 calories and raised my carb from 18 to 27 thanks to the guac/
[my daily food diary link here]
thank you all for your kind words!


  1. That is a great weigh in!! I know you're going to have another great week :)

  2. You are crowding a new digit!! It's encouraging to see that you are almost in the 40's. A good week will get you there. Way to go.

  3. WOO HOO! you go girl that's great! keep it up and avoid the potatoe and pie if you're at a cookout! lol

  4. Great job, Scooter Butt! That's a terrific loss.

  5. WOWOWOWOW You are doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!!! Nicole @

  6. You're shocking the poop outta your scale! It's amazed at ya. :D

    I'm glad your progress continues and you are trying things out to see what suits you. It's the way to do it. Learn what you need/like.

    Have another great week. Go, you!

  7. That's an awesome number, well done!

    Yeah, I'm from the England and 'stone' is the normal way to refer to weight here, but when I blog it no one knows what the frig I'm talking about, so I tend to stick to kilo/pounds for my reader's sake.

  8. Great weight loss! Fantastic, actually. Holiday weeks are always ough, so here's looking at a better week in terms of carbs!


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