Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 82

Right after dinner, it was 94 degrees out there. I am still wet from the pool. It is not one of them concrete ponds here in the Mobi Estates. It is a metal frame 3 foot deep one for the Gbabies. I spent a lot of time in a pool in my youth and if not that, the lake. I learned some tricks to pass on.

I can always have a squirt gun when I go swimming. I clasp my hands underwater and create a vacuum, then I open them slowly, still clasped until I am cupping a good portion of water. I bring it out and then squeeze my hands back into a full clasp as water squirts out my palm just under my pinkies through a hole in the crack between my hands. They all try it. I remember trying and trying when I was shown one summer in the pool. I can really get some distance. It is so rejuvenating to be with children.

We put the pool under our trees so it was not always in direct sun. I have had my fair share of sun in life in the pool and on the tennis court. Nobody likes to burn. We thoroughly screen the kids. They have a new spray on. It gets used up fast though. I was wondering if I was born before sunscreen. I looked it up in the wiki and NO. It was conceived by a Swiss chemistry student in 1938, who had got sunburn mountain climbing but commercial sunscreen only came out in the '40's as "Coppertone Cream". Coppertone was red vet petroleum (a vaseline like substance), cocoa butter and coconut oil and was conceived by a WWII airman and pharmacist to protect the soldiers [source].

Keep strong on this holiday, bloggies.

Keeping focused and hydrated. Looking forward to my weigh in. Kept my sodium low so no water retention.

I saw a really motivational video on a blog called "Undercover Dieting". from Germany, I think but the blog is in English. This blogger only has 4 followers. Maybe you can show some support.

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  1. Keep hydrated, thanks for the reminder! I have been doing lousy!

  2. Trying to make sure I drink at least 100 oz a day!
    Sounds like you were having a blast in the pool :)
    Love your blog, have a great weekend!

  3. Ms Scooter. The video you commented on on undercoverdieting actually belongs to Ben of Ben does life. He is currently doing a tour of the US with his dad and brother. They are doing 5Ks across the country. Here is a link to his blog
    He is very very inspirational!!!

  4. Yes, hydration is key and I needed a reminder. I hope your weigh in rocks!

  5. Enjoy those babies. I talked on the phone with mine the other day and they couldn't wait to hang up to go jump in their pool. Kids are waterbugs.

  6. Thanks for supporting me! :)
    I'll be following your blog, too! Good luck with your weigh in!


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