Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 81

 This vintage cover had the holiday on it...I don't know why she is all wet. LOL. We have the bombest fireworks got to go now. We are doing a package tonight. Just wanted to get this in before midnight.

We went to Sizzler. I did great, but was hungry around 8 so I made a burger and ate the patty. I did the salad bar, but should of just got a side salad for cheaper. I wanted the heart of palms and an avocado, but it seems that they changed their format. No avocado, just guacamole and they had turkey meatballs, but they are processed ones like you get in a bag so I had just 4 one inch ones. Doing water. I know all the local public bathrooms at the places I shop.
As promised the monthly Scooter butt progress pic. I had to wear different clothes because they were tighter than the ones I wore last time and it is way way h0t here. That is a 2xl Hot Topic AC/DC shirt that was on sale for 5.99 my daughter just bought me. I have now entered the can buy a concert T-shirt or any 2xl T-shirt realm. My 2 xl's that I managed to keep started fitting me. I have only a couple, but they were tight so I boxed them. I brought one out and wow it fit!

Hey you lookin at my Scooterbutt?

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  1. Hey! Your butt is definitely smaller! Good work!

  2. WOO HOO! the incredible shrinking woman. you can definately tell you're losing weight. keep up the good work and beware the 4th bbq trap! lolol

  3. Feels good to go down in size, doesn't it? I'm hoping to do that myself...eventually.

  4. Yeah I am feeling my arms and I know they are less flabby. My fat rolls feel a bit deflated. I can feel this working. Hecka motivation to continue. I read another blog comment about lose skin and holding it down with a girdle. Hey if that is the price I have to pay for letting it go this far and ignoring it, so be it.

  5. Nice bum? Where ya from??

    (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

    Congratulations! I would say you definitely hit a mile marker with the tee-shirts!

    Rock on with your bad self!!

  6. Wow, what a significant visual difference! Good for you. That's amazing.

  7. Happy 4th, Ms. Scooter!

    Keep kickin' Butt!

    You're doing fantastic!

  8. Hey I just looked at the 2 pics together and HOLY WOW! What a difference already!!!

    Hot damn, Girl!

  9. I want to be able to fit a 2xl concert shirt! Ahh, envy and inspiration - all found in you lady! Congrats, here's to a great effin week!


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