Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 85

Eating over and over could not be cuter....but I did not look like this when I emerged from my room to see another nacho cheeserama and hot dogs and soda going on. There is like a half gallon of velveeta salsa dip with a ladle in it in the kitchen. All sorts of chips.

I grabbed the hot dog off my daughter's plate and bit into it. I then grabbed the half gallon of cheese dip and demanded to know where the Doritos were. I took out one of those Black Angus with Vidalia fat boy burgers and put it on the fire. (I had time to do this all). I ate chips in the meantime and said some bitchy words oh no I was asking how much Dog The Bounty hunter gets for catching the criminal.  I didn't like the Cool Ranch and so I went to check on my burger. I made sure my bun was dressed with mayo and a slice of onion. I start biting into it thinking..."this does not taste like I thought it would why am I even eating it quick give it to the eat half to see if it is tasting any better...then give it to the dog."  I call the dog and tell her to quick eat the nasty thing.

Now I have a head ache and I am tired. I need to meditate and deal with my recovery plan tomorrow.
All I know is that I am tired of walking out to an eating frenzy watching Dog and am so p.o.'d that I let it get to me. This was the third day of the dip trough with ladle and there is still a bag of gooey chips ahoy I never tried in my life, a bag of m&m's the big ones you fill bowls with suddenly appears in the fridge right next to the two Tillamook Cheddar loaves which is only one third of the cheese in this fridge.

The only good thing about this is that it is not just before a weigh. I have 4 days to recover. Guzzling water as I type to make sure I have a flowing river to transport the illegal goods out of my nation.


  1. Crap happens, babe. Sorry this hit you when you were on a majorly nice losing streak. You'll recover. The sodium will eventually pass out of you.

    I hope the folks around you get more supportive and there's less of this crap around. Sometimes the very best thing to do is just TRASH the stuff after the family event. I've done that. Just dumped leftovers away so they don't call to me.

    Let tomorrow be a healing time for the bod...

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. :(

    Is it possible for you to throw away all the candy? Or lock it away somewhere and give the key to someone else?

    I'm sure you're going to do much better today, though! :) It's just a minor setback, a temporary glitch. It happens to the best of us!

  3. The candy was in the pantry where I dare not lookn much, but I guess they want their candy chilled or it melts in your mouth and not your hands is not true (yeah?) and it melts in the closet in the summer.

    I wasn't even hungry. But what I proved to myself was it did not taste good. I just did it. No pleasure and that is why I did not eat the whole bag and whole trough of cheese and the whole burger. I think I have in one binge figured out that it is all unreal. It is just stuff in my mouth. I can't take an antidote to this but just that feeling of not liking the taste makes me think that I have evolved a bit in my eating.
    Thank you Princess for popping in so quickly in your don't want to blog mood. I really appreciate it.
    And Undercover glad to see you here. I need to pop over to both of your places.

    Let's do this bitch again.

  4. I gave your blog some serious attention on my blog today! Love ya!! BB

  5. I assume you didn't buy the stuff in the first place - tell me you didn't. One year at school at Christmas I got all these cookies, fudge, chocolate covered cherries on the last day before Christmas vacation. I took it, said thanks, and on the way home stopped on main street in town and put it all in one of those large trash cans. That stuff is not good for anybody regardless of weight. I have been caught off guard before too; it seems we just go on auto-pilot (see food, eat food) and do things like this without thinking. Anyway - been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Perhaps you can enlist some help from the family. If not, move (just you) :-)

  6. OOO I have something to add... but...

  7. Wow... just reading this I can imagine how you felt as it was taking place... isn't it amazing that it never really seems worth it when all is said & done? Remember that feeling the next time temptation arises... that's what I try to do anyway:-)

  8. same thing happened to me a while back i just HAD to have one of those little debbie oatmeal cakes the kids were eating. i HATE little debbie, and yep it was nasty. ate 3 of em anyway and was disgusted. last time i'll do that YUCK! just stick with the program and don't worry about the slip, what's done is done. xoxoxoxoxoxo


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