Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 89

Saturday I took a long country cruise trying to get my head back in the game. In the process I took some pics of the "wild' asparagus picking process. Wild asparagus, I read is really NOT wild, but just is there growing after farmers planted them in the irrigation ditches to hold the walls because of it's roots going deep and thick.  It was slim pickings. My not to plunder philosophy is if I see two I take one if I see five I take two. I did a six mile stretch and maybe I should of walked more of it.

Sunday I did the mall,but started way in the parking lot 2 buildings away and used my grandbabies as my motivation. We zoomed around and then ended at Barnes And Noble and went back.  Did a snack and drink stop in the middle and a play area stop playing with stranger's kids, but they all just like get along and start are cool that way.

In Amazonia, where my daughter was at, they were doing a 3 day Tamale Rollathon. Do you think I wanted to be there? Although they have a crew of family, there my daughter is the only one they trust to help them supposedly. I call it co-dependence.But maybe I am just being the proverbial bitch on a diet. Can't be hating on the tamale eaters.

I ate one and changed my Sunday dinner to chicken nuggets. 64 carb total for the day and 1400 calories...My water was on.

In my carby stupor...I had a vision...Diet Fairy came in sight! It was a white rabbit running with fairy wings and it spoke to me:

Hey you, Scooter Butt! I see you are stressed about the take this! One time and one time only!

Wow gee thanks Diet Fairy. He said he was late for a party in Onderland and ran off ! Gotta listen to the scale today. Will slide out of this one and hope next week is better. It will keep me sane. (at least my reasonable facsimile of sane). Redeeming the card for this week.

Raquel looks great either thinks. But the paparazzi would tear that one up...How many of those magazines I passed by in life while in the shopping line?


  1. I think Raquel looks great both ways, too!!

    Have a great week - drink that water, get some exercise and all will be well!

  2. Love that Diet fairy and free pass from weighing. I should have thought about her(!?!?!). You already know that I am not weighing in until July 23. I just cannot stand the frustration of THAT number. So, good for you weighting (I mean waiting!).

    Anyhoo, looks like you are doing A-OK! Have a great sixth week. Michele

  3. I used my Bloggy Godmother wand to make the Diet Fairy come to visit you! That was cute! You're doing great. Nobody is perfect and doesn't fall off track when it comes to food!

  4. Just keep at it. The results will come you just can't give up on yourself!!! Believe me I have had some really bad days especially last saturday! I don't even want to talk about that lol !!! Nicole @

  5. Can't believe I have been doing this health thing for over a year and I just now found out about the Diet Fairy! Great idea, send her to me! Just keep chasing those grandbabies and you will be in shape.

  6. I need a free weigh in card, or maybe a free 10 pound loss card. I love reading your blogs and the pics you post - thanks for taking the time to share.

  7. How do you find those "big and small" pictures, do you photoshop them yourself? I think they're awesome! :)

    You're quite right, better listen to the diet fairy, if you don't, she might turn evil on you, and you don't want that! ;)


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