Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 88

Diet flashback circa 1980

When I  was at 23 when I went to the local gym this big muscle dark haired guy opens the door and I did not recognize he was the world kick boxing champion Dennis Alexio (in the Van Damme movie Kickboxer)...I just asked him if he worked there and if it was open. He passed my bike later in his 'vette and gave me a stare at like "there is that girl who thought I was a janitor". His real name is Dennis Dick but he changed it to Alexio for the movies...Apparently he was a local boy from Vacaville, CA done good and lived just a block away from me when he grew up. I was a year new to town...I had gone from 200 to 140 and was working out to get some muscle.(seriously in trouble for gaining so much so fast and being in the USAF reserves).

If it were Van Damme...I wish I would have had the guts that my college friend Turi imagined. She said if she ever saw Robert Wagner in public, she would kidnap him, tie him to a bed and rape him. OMG.

My sister saw Robert Wagner in public at Bonwit Teller back when they had it in Palm Desert, CA Mall. He saw her shirt (she was on break- she worked in the Salon) and called her "Missy" to inquire about something while shopping. Yeah he shopped publically. Wow. He was old enough to be our daddies, but still with Hart to Hart on TV going still strong I think...he was in the spotlight still. (That was pre-bad publicity Van Damme days as well...)
Oh I just googled and found this hubba hubba pic from his book and found out he is as old as my mom...Oh and he is gonna be the voice of Charlie in the new ABC remake of Charlie's Angels that the pilot just recently got OK'd to film...hmmm. He does have a very distinct voice.

Just chillin' and my fu fu's  behind me. Waiting for the scaling on Monday to tell on me or spare me from my sins... LOL.


  1. Oh, he was a total hottie. He and Natalie made a blindingly beautiful couple. Man, that's some good looking DNA in those two. They were one of the "Brad/Angelina" beauty-pair-ups in their day. Nice voice, too, when he got all sultry up in there. ; )
    Happy Sunday, Scooter!

  2. robert waggoner was yummy back in the day and still looks pretty gosh darn good for his age......his book is really good. when he was like 22 he had a 3 year afair with barbara stanwyk she was in her late 40s early 50s i think. things that make you go fave celebrity meeting was julie newmar she was VERY gacious and totally stunning. this was circa 94/95. i got 2 autographed photos. one a catwoman, and the other the pic from too wong foo, and yep she signed it to wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar. i also met adrian paul (tv's highlander) he's actually beautiful in person. tv does not do him justice. yes he's that pretty!

  3. are so lucky to have seen these celebrities. I really liked the movie To Wong Fu...And I bet Adrian looks great.


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