Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 87

Primal Princess Ellie Mae Clampett. 

She done got this body from eatin wild coon n possum and everthin that they could hunt down back in their home town of Bug Tussle. But then one day her pa Jed, was huntin up sum food and up from the ground came a bubblin crude. Oil that is..not  extra virgin olive or oil/black gold, Texas Tea.

Primal Prince Jethro Bodine
Jethro is known as the "six foot stomach" for his ability to eat: in one episode he eats a jetliner's entire supply of steaks! On a diet of mustard greens, coon steak, possum stew and wild animal innards, that boy done grown up to be big n strong. And who couldn't love a man who loves a hound dawg like good ol' Duke?

And all the corn goes into the still fer Granny's Roomatiz Medicine.

Doing what this fat girl does best hiding my sorrow with humor. This week is a scratch for me. I could whine and give details, but just one thing, when you are sick with the flu and think that you can eat because you are gonna lose it this at the beginning and not the end of your illness. As soon as I put some cookies and m&m's down my gut, I stopped losing it and it stayed in me. OMG what terrific karma to phathom some sicky cheat scheme and it doesn't work.  Or cookies and m&m's are the cure to stomach flu? Maybe? But years ago I thought the cure was pizza and beer (and a couple of bong hits) to all illnesses.

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones fame says get rid of the chicken soup and  drink lots of Guiness when you are sick. I still have yet to try Guiness dark. I heard it was thick and sort of chewy? 

Maybe some miracle will happen and I show some weight loss this week.  Hopefully no gain. I should of considered it a miracle that I got the stomach flu after a binge. I mean it hit at some friends then came here and hit everybody but the baby. They all tossed out the orally, but my fortune in life is that the flu loves to take a tour of my intestines and then fly out that way.  I was really in no pain just in the bathroom sitting...TMI

You don't even know how thankful I am to be a part of diet blogging. I thought of all of you when I cheated and almost left town in embarrassment and disappointment in having to tell you all. But I fessed up.

Now back to the f-ing drawing board my dear Sherman!

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  1. I did the exact same thing this easter - having the flu and thinking I could eat everything. The worst part was the habits I formed during those few days, it took me a good while to get back into eating healthy.

    Hope you are feeling better now! The flu is just no fun!


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