Sunday, September 11, 2011


I decided to test out the leg. Do a bit of walking around besides household here and there. Went to the park to do some sidewalk chalking in remembrance of 9-11 with the grand babies. It was a good time. Rubbing on my leg later tonight...I put on some of my cream and made sure I got my antibiotic in me.

We were at my adopted Amazonian daughter's house. Ate Mexican and had a spiced chai frappe. Seriously the last indulgence of the season. Looking forward to regular blogging starting with the challenges. Have a week to psyche up to it.

I checked Google Webmaster Tools diagnostic on my blog and ran a malware check.  I got this message:


Google has not detected any malware on this site.
Thank you Thursday's child for the heads up on your warning. I ran adware check on my computer and changed my google password and went to Webmaster Tools. I will be keeping an eye on this. Apparently there is a wave of this going about. I also changed my comments to do the captcha thing...although personally I believe captchas are a bit spooky...
(a paranoid psycho glitch that remains in my brain from '80's drug abuse).

Hope your weekend went well.


  1. The butterflies literally started making me dizzy. Hard on the reading eye--though pretty. Ouch.

    I love the chalk remembrance. I really do.

  2. What a lovely way to remember 9/11! Hope your leg was okay from the walking?


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