Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Dreaming Of a Lite Christmas!

I thought I would brighten up my blog with a new metamorphosis theme.
I had to size down my side bar because the editor I used does not allow for 3 rows. It does allow for animated backgrounds.  I like animation,  It is fun and busy. Unfortunately the transformation was not just copy and paste. The compatibility with blogger and pimp-my-profile blogger editor is just to get it going. I then need to go into the code and change the font size and the body size to fit it all in. I just played around with the numbers. I still got to get the post title font bigger...and I don't like how the text goes all the way to the border so I need to investigate padding codes and how to do it.

Things got better. The guy who promised my son in law a new job, did not realize that he had a DMV ticket that would hold him back from driving for the company. He then set him up with his cousin who owns his own trucking company to work 6 months until his record clears, then he can go back and get that better job as a partner. He also will send a percentage of the profit while working (5 percent) to cover my son in law's investment. So what appeared to be a scam is not.  Pretty cool. I am sure prayers and well wishes did not hurt. Thank you!

The job he had was to drive a chemical truck to the oil rigs and then do the rest of the shift as a "Roughneck" which is what they call those guys that work the oil rigs. It is really hard work. He could not handle it 12 hrs straight. That is why they paid so much. He now gets to just drive the trucks there and the boom economy pays all satellite businesses good money. Till it lasts.

I am starting to get into the groove and prepare for the diet challenges!  Tracking and water are my main concerns right now. I set my carb level to induction levels and will post my diary link in each blog post.

I am dreaming of a light Christmas!
EDIT 5:45 pm:
  • 1115 calories with 19 carbs
  • Done eating within IF time
  • Need to down lots more water to make my goal
  • Big difference in calories when egg has yolk!.
My Food Diary


  1. Bluezy girl, I like the layout. Busy is right woman! It's pretty though and I totally dig the thinning butterfly woman emerging up there, I will be stealing that at some point - FYI. To answer your question, I do not live in Vegas, but I am going there for vacation in five weeks. I live in the Midwest, I'm Native American so our tribe has our own casino.

  2. I love that pic of the butterfly woman:-) I love butterflies & dragonflies for the whole transformation symbolism. I think I have a little a.d.d. though cause as I try to read my eyes just want to keep following the pretty butterflies.... LOL


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