Friday, September 9, 2011

Challenge decision.

I decided that my head is into my woes too much, So...thinking about the challenges and how I am too a Thursday's Child and "far to go" I decided that I will join in on that challenge on Thursday's Child Blog. I will even go to a friend's to post when I will soon lose my internet due to this fiasco at home. So it will be less online...if my phone stays on, I could wifi at 

I just don't know if I am just self destructive or what?  It seems that in my attempts to block out life's current stresses, I am a zombie walking eating machine.

The son in law(daddy of my 3 little grand babies and 25 yrs old) up and quit his job. I put my SUV in auto loan to get him going there and they never paid it back so it is waiting to be towed. They had their 2nd vehicle towed and when still working they got another but 3 days later he quit his job, so the luckily returned it without being considered a repo on their recently cleaned by bankruptcy credit.  He had 1 and a half months working a 5 grand a month job. Just enough to straighten up the bad credit and dump their debt. He got an offer from a guy to make more and went off yesterday on borrowed money from me. He had invested 2 grand into the new job because the dude who owned the water truck was "partnering" him. He went on it with blind faith. There was a delay but yesterday was the day of deliverance or not. Well...they had some issue with the hire on and he won't be working with them. He is coming home to no money and building bills.

Then the scooter accident escalated to cellulitis not to be confused with cellulite as all us chubby girls know what THAT is. All my personal money gets spent...and then when I think I get ahead there is another crisis.

I spent the afternoon blasting Supertramp. One of my favored late 70's bands. Breakfast in America and Crisis What Crisis are appropriately my opera at the moment. LOL.  This session got my head out of the fridge. I feel better with lots of clutter put up and away the house is spotless.

Goals Defined:
  1. To overcome the emotional eating disorder I surely have. Apply emotions to constructive efforts NOT destructive eating vegging patterns. 
  2. Keep a smile on my face.
  3. Find a way to blog with pending internet disconnect.
  4. Sit on Santa's lap and NOT hear him groan as much. LOL
 Even if I lose 2-5 lbs a will be a great deal of weight gone by the time Dec. 19th comes around. Around Nov. I will pick out something to wear and post it. Right now I just cannot conceive of anything...yet there are some old jeans in a box...I think November I will do a mall run and see what they have.  I did challenge the guy at the mall this summer and said "Remember this face, I will be back trying on your slimmer sizes"!  So not to be a begins! (again)


  1. sorry hon but he must be NUTS. most of us dream of making that much money amonth. i live on like $1200 a month give or take. he needs to crawl to wal mart, mcdonalds, daily work daily pay whatever his family is HIS responsibility.
    good luck i'll be praying for ya! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Life is being so mean to you, Sweets. I'm really sorry. And I can't believe he quit a 60K a year job. Really? Wow! Wow! In this economy, people would step over their neighbors to take that one!

    I hope the cellulitis heals up and life starts giving you some good news are due.

    I know you can find the way to solve the emo-eating thing. It's possible. It's not beyond you. You're a tough chica and food won't defeat you.

    Big hugs...and well...

  3. It has sure been a hard battle for you this week. Wow. Times like that are when food really calls out. Hang in there. You sound like a very strong woman.

  4. Sorry things have been so difficult for you, but glad to have you on board for the challenge! I'll be putting up a list of everyone before the challenge starts.

    I know it's easy for me to say this from an outsider's view, but I would seriously consider cutting the cord and letting them fend for themselves at this point. I know, I know, easier said than done, but if he just quit a well paying job with no real plan and then expects to be borrowing money? It seems like a situation that could turn toxic for you pretty quickly. Just say no doesn't have to apply only to drugs and cookies!

    Do you have a library near you? They will often have internet access, and it would be a less tempting place than starbucks :)

  5. Oh, also! If you want to wait on getting a dress that's fine too, I had a specific reason for needing one which is why I bought it. Dresses are nice to have as a treat, but you can use any piece of clothing (the jeans or something else) in the size you want to be.

  6. Thank you for you good wishes. The prayers are appreciated and I think that they worked.

    The guy who took his money for him as partner decided to help him. It was a DMV glitch in his hire. He has to wait 6 months and then he will re apply. The partner's cousin will hire him while they wait. He is a trucker.

    The problem with the other 5 grand plus job was he had to drive trucks (he is a trucker) AND then work really hard in the sun. He is just strong, but his physical endurance really could not handle daily hard labor. Working oilfields is really manly strong man stuff. He just up and quit when it was like 100 degrees and ran home to the AC. LOL

    I think we will be ok, now. Phew!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time! :( Glad to hear it is going better, though! Hope it keeps improving! :)


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