Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2

I do not require sustenance at this time. I am Borg. LOL Borg Diet Plan...hmmm

I like a good before and after. I started watching Star Trek Voyager from the beginning this summer. I am now on the 5th season. The introduction of above Seven Of Nine came in the 4th season. I guess geek ratings went up. Wow what a transformation. She wears the federation uniform so well. I remember years ago when I googled the Vulcan bombshell T'pol played by actress model Jolene Blalock, when I decided to watch the entire series of Enterprise. She was like the 9th most googled actress. I am sure they both made Sci Fi babe of the year... This year it is Alexandra Torresani from the controversially cancelled "Caprica". Which is a bit questionable is that Alexandra played a teenager, but she is 25 and most of her online pics are pretty much sexually posed. A whole topic of why teenage beauty and love stories are popular for some decades could be discussed on this...Is it so necessary to sell your sexuality to be an actress? I think so. You look at lead roles of men opposed to women and decide. We accept guys like Monk (Tony Shalhoub) as lead character...but so few shows do this. It is just a given that sexuality sells. They of course are also talented, but sell their looks. And to think of it...I probably would, too. Strut that stuff and make it pay.
Jolene Blalock (T'pol) was stalked by a weirdo who was committed to a mental hospital. Trekker gone psycho. According to wiki, Jeri Ryan who plays the Borg Seven of Nine has had a very lengthy career and is still on the boob tube but what people may not know is she was married to Jack Ryan the opposing candidate to the Illinois Senate that lost to Obama. And there are some scandalous reasons that Jeri contributed to the campaign in their on going divorce that pretty much made Obama win. LOL You should Google it.

Oh well avoiding the diet topic, first day was good until night time binge hit. I laid off total catastrophe, but still it happened.

Today my strategy is to do as I first did when I began blogging. Intermittent Fasting and eating window. I am doing pretty much the same menus as I did then. This morning I made a healthy egg white broccoli Parmesan with two tasty strips of bacon. Lunch will be a salad using tomato and egg white and bacon (or similar) and tonight a strip of steak.

It is pretty much my course right now.

Post edit at 5:45 pm:  So I am done eating for the day and at 1230 calories. I decided to add half an avocado to my salad...whoa 145 calories? carb count is at 28. I feel good about it a slow trickle to where I was at the beginning. Tomorrow I will go back to the carne asada steaks that I was so familiar with for dinner. Laying off the avocado. And making sure I am hydrated. Hope to have my carbs lower tomorrow and maintain my eating IF window.

I am not going to join any challenges, but I will be watching it. I really like the dress Mir picked out. Nice. Red or black. Nice. I want to be like an audit student on the challenges. There but not registered. And I can't even imagine a dress when I am still wearing baggy old stuff. 14 weeks is a long time...I bet there will be some poundage lost there! Even at 3 lbs a week that is like 42 lbs!  


  1. I used to love Voyager so much!

    If you change your mind about challenges I'm also hosting one, it's perhaps a little less strict than Mir's? Also, you don't have to have a dress, any piece of clothing will do. details here if you decide to go for it:

  2. I considered joining a challenge but after my decision to not weigh in for September i figured its not do-able, though after seeing people buy their dresses it makes me want one too lol

  3. Those avocados are SOOO good and I hate that they have so many calories in them! :( Of course, they are very healthy, but that doesn't help when you're trying to lose weight and watch your calories...


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