Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 3 Day 5

I tried my coffee black with Davinci Sugarfree flavoring. Oh yea!  I like it. Those creamer carbs add up. And it is always a variable how much I put in. It depends on the strength of the coffee. Now I can have those carbs back in chewable food. LOL

I use sugarfree Hazelnut or Caramel. It seems that the coffee flavor cream fad first introduced us to French Vanilla. I just got wore out of that taste. You can combine Hazelnut and Carmel to make the Snickerdoodle flavor. You might say I like my coffee "a bit nutty" as Austin Powers said once about his coffee! LOL

Yeah Baby!
Thursday:  The daughter came in on an early flight. She had to be at Las Vegas McCarran Airport around 6'ish and came in Idaho Falls at 10:50 am to snowfall. She stayed up most the night to finish visiting with her brother and sister in law. I let her sleep as I prepared for the son in law being up here from his truck long haul.  I made country fried pork with country gravy. The only thing I could eat were the veggies. LOL. I thought of the "What is that food worth to you?" question. Not enough to sacrifice breaking the two five oh this week!

It is a toil to keep up with my water. I have to keep reminding myself. Keeping on focus on this weekend stretch! Hope all of my co bloggies are doing the same!

Post Edit 9 AM Friday: I weighed myself this morning aha! 249.8. With this break through the 250 and seeing the number 4 makes me think of counting down and it all seems so much closer to "Onederland"!  I still have until Monday weigh in to report my CDC weekly...Oh yeah a digit at a time! Nothing in the future is worth more to me than the weight loss. I will keep this in my mindset. "It is not worth it to eat that! Keep to the plan! Onederland is almost half my journey away! I set out to make a difference in my whole appearance! I can do this! I WANT TO SEE MY BEFORE AND AFTER AND BEYOND MY LOOKING GLASS!" 


  1. I also have to remind myself to keep drinking water. I hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I carry a water bottle with me at all times. It seems to help me sip at it all day, rather than gulp all my water down in a couple hour period!

    Nice job on the 249s!

  3. I get killer good special delivery gourmet coffee, so I don't like to put anything in it but sweetener. So good... the old coffee that sat in the carafe, I'll put cinnamon and cream for a treat, but FRESh..naw, I wanna taste the purity of its deliciosuness. hahahh

    You will make it. We'll dance the Onederland Strut when you get there baby. In 2012, get ready to hit the camera HARD. :D

  4. Sounds like you're you're doing great. I have a hard time drinking water - problem is - I simply don't like it.

  5. Congrats on the scale. That is AWESOME!!!! :) I have been using Torani sugar free vanilla this week and just a little bit of dairy free creamer. I was a creamer junkie, but knew I needed to change. My NEED for the flavored creamer seems to have declined after my 10 day cleanse, it's a good thing I tell ya!

  6. Good job Bluezy!! I am right behind you, and we are on our way to the onederland!!!

  7. first time commenting on your blog; good for you reducing the creamer in your coffee! I gave that up about eight months ago, have it ever so rarely at church as a treat, but you are right, a tablespoon of it was 35 calories, not sure how many carbs, but I rather get the calories/carbs in something else! Good for you for your weight loss; looking good!!

    Wow, snow already!!

    have a good weekend!


  8. I am really proud of how you handle the food situation. You are on the right path with the right mindset..

  9. Congratulations on breaking the 250! :)

    I'll have to try the caramel and hazelnut creamer combo, sounds delicious!


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