Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 3 Day 4

There is a big difference on the feet when you want to roller skate after gaining much weight!  I remember going to the roller rink 2 yrs ago and trying. Ouch. It is something I will look forward to trying again somewhere in Onederland. I am a fairly decent rink skater. I tried the inlines on the street after my last pregnancy. I could do it, but did not feel I had form. I think my butt stuck out as I did it. I also felt it more on my feet than I did on the 4 wheels. I am sure there is an equation for the weight on the feet vs type of shoe you wear. I know when it is summer and you either go barefoot on a hot surface or wear sandals, you are bound to get dry cracks. There is a science to that, too. I took real good care of my feet this summer by wearing the right shoe. I can't stand the feel of dry cracking feet when I put them into my bed!

Gotta take care of the piggies! They bear the weight of your body. 

I remember seeing these charts:
Link Here For Source with larger size

I am really liking egg white omelets. I can really make a large and tasty one at low calories AND low carbs. I could eat those all through the day. Especially like mushrooms with it...Wednesday, I included the salty pastrami. I went way over the sodium allowance on My Fitness Pal. I don't know why I thought that it would be any different from months ago when I did it. It is not a good deal to have something at 25 calories but then 750 mg of sodium. What was I thinking?  4 slices! I am working all day today to make up for that by drinking water and avoiding salt stuff.

Let's take a stand and keep our feet in the right direction!

Post edit: It was raining for two days here. I go and look outside to put the dogs out...blizzard. The snow now has covered the ground.
Gonna be a heck of a winter since it snowed so soon. Hahahaha. We will be in Las Vegas. Where it snows only every freaky 5 yrs.


  1. OMG. I should not have read that last paragraph right before lunch! SO hungry!!

    Love the piggy nails!!

  2. Snow already? Wow. I love egg white omelets. So tasty! Love your piggy toe nails!

  3. I always miss snow for about 3 seconds :D

    Egg white omelets are good, but I would rather eat the yolks and get the omega 3s...but whatever rocks your boat! Eggs in general are a love affair for me.

    When are you moving to Vegas?

  4. I love your toe nails. Did you also use Gimp to make them even more beautiful?
    I'm sooo thankful, that the snow is at your part of the world and not mine. Because we still have to bare without heating. That would just be TOOO cold for me!!!


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