Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 4 Day 4

Chocolate delicious! to Garden Fresh delicious!

It seems that most of the vintage chocolate advertisements are French. 
I should wiki that and find out what the deal is on that.

Fitting all that we have into a 16 foot Budget truck is going to take some engineering. When I was in the Air Force Reserves, they called the person who did that a "Load Master". Rightfully so... We will be outta here Monday! Had to stay an extra day here to store Grandpa V's classic Lincoln. Having an unpacking party when we get there.

With all the packing, I am slacking (oh poetry) on the water. Wednesday, I forced myself to hold on to a bottle. It really makes the difference to drink lots of water, I feel.

I thought I would put my pic up to not be so anonymous. Yet if you go to my page tabs you can see some progress photos. I am due for another set. I am going to do a final Scary Scooterbutt one. Gotta go to our friends in Amazonia (where the women are big and tall). They inherited the scooter.

Time is catching up on me. The internet here will be going off soon. And don't know when we are gonna get the Internet on there. I still have my phone service and will be posting simply with my phone. So no excuses. I will post my weigh in on Monday. I know where the scale is. LOL

I am psyching myself up to not making Vegas a big "porkerama buffet drama". Texas Station Casino has "Feast Around The World" Buffet. OMG...that is gonna be so hard! Calling all forces!  Give me strength for that one, please! Just knowing it is a problem...I am going to refuse to go when the family all goes. There that is settled!


  1. Good luck with all that exercising of willpower/choice against temptations.

    The truth is that unless the family is all fit and trim and have no weight/food issues, they shouldn't go, either. No person with weight issues should go near any all-you-can-eat buffet type place. It's like BEGGING to get tempted and screw up and gain weight.

    Plus, I've watched in the past. People do nasty shit, especially kids. I've seen boogers and spit galore enter the food area. That cured me for years of going.

  2. Yay for new photos! As for the buffet, you can look at it from one of two ways. All you can eat as in eat all that is humanly possible.. or "all you can eat" as in pick the foods that you allow yourself to and are on your diet.. its up to you what you "CAN" eat, so buffets are no excuses. Though in all honesty I'm with princess dieter on this one.. i hate buffets unless they are for private events.. usually they all appear as germy cesspools and scary bacteria pits... lol

  3. My friend's daughter who is now 32, had a friend who worked as a teenager at Taco Bell. When she did not like the customer...sure enough the worst thing- in that production line of burritos and tacos, it was so easy for her to let one drop as she did it.


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