Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 4 Day 5

I love vintage advertising...I guess this stretch in manipulation could be called "Profane the Vintage Ads"? This time around I am highlighting choices.

I researched why so many are in French...and hit on one site that explained it-
"The Belle Époque 1880–1914-
In industrialized nations the Industrial Revolution created a new middle class, one with a surplus of leisure time and expendable income. In France this economic growth coincided with a period of peace and frivolity known as the Belle Époque (Beautiful Era). An important visual element of the Belle Epoque, especially in Paris, was the lithographic poster. Although first used to market goods and theatrical entertainment, the poster transformed into a collectable and affordable work of art for middle class homes.." [link for more and examples]
 Yes, affordable, I would imagine...Like peeling them off the walls and taking them home. Artists would put their names on the ad and be known for their works. There is so much art in these ads.

**(note I do not do this to disrespect, it is just an effect I chose to title each of my posts for my diet blog).

Waiting it out with boxes all around. Get paid on Saturday. Load on Saturday and leave on Sunday
Oh I just realized I need to get a handle on my pee habits for the trip. I am going to have to prep and NOT drink so much water. There is no way we are gonna make so many stops.
About 3 times more around house

 I ate three pickled jalapenos (the kind with "escabeche) with my morning omelet. OMG . I love them thangs! I must confess. I take a bite, then I put my food in my mouth and chew it all together. Unfortunately, you pay for that later. I just discovered them as we were packing. I had to indulge.

 I downloaded two Pilates videos off of YouTube, so when we are moved in with out Internet. I have them. It is about time to do some passive toning. My opinion on exercise was that  just dieting  I would remain the same, but just be losing weight. The smart girl in me knows that to get the shape you got to make the motions and work the spots. I am pretty lazy and play the old card a lot. One of these days, I won't be bluffing on the old I need to seriously wake up and do it. I did a short session of Pilates on Wednesday...

From here on I will only be posting on Monday weigh day for the challenge for a spell. I will still be visiting fellow challengers and  my blog roll regularly via Android. Need that feeling of belonging and group understanding that comes along with it all!

My Followers are up to 64 and I am so appreciative of that! Thanks for being there!

To all my bloggie friends:  Good dieting and good journey!


  1. Pickled jalapeños sound intriguing - I've been craving spicy foods lately! Making vegan enchiladas this weekend. :)

    The belle époque is always one of my favorites to read about - so much brilliance. That's actually why they call Paris the City of Lights - nothing to do with actual lighting, but rather, the enlightened artists and thinkers from the turn of the century (called "Les Lumières")!

    Good luck with moving - it's certainly a stressful experience, I know!

  2. I read every one of your posts, I just don't comment as much as I should.

    We don't get much in the way of jalapenos here in Australia, I don't think I would have the balls to try them though.

    Goodluck with the moving, I know what a biatch it can be.

    ((HUGS)) Blog Wobble a.k.a Lazy Girl

  3. Good luck with the big move! Safe journey.


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