Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 5 Day 2

Still editing via Android.

Update Las Vegas-

Still unpacking. Need to start tracking food and water again. I am not offering anymore help with money around here. I am not their bank. They think because I blog that I'll pay their cable hook up and monthly bill,but I have invested enough and this time I am not offering until things balance out. Consequently,today my emotions are not on the diet. I am in Vegas without even a chance to plug a roll of nickels. Yet the weather is summer like and I am going to checking out what's in walking distance.

A thing I have contemplated is that success in dieting is an accomplishment that surpasses all the haters and disbelievers. When you might be treated insignificant and old, just look in that mirror or continue that journey Cuz the insensitive fat fucks can all wish they could do it. Despite all their temptations flaunted and attempts to screw with your mojo.

I made a decision to not lounge around in vaggy grandma mode broke and braless at home. I am waking up early, showering, and putting on makeup after doing a session of those Pilates videos I saved on my computer from YouTube. Attitude needs to be positive and directed towards my goal to lose weight.

I met up with my 41 yr old stepson. I raised him from 8 when I married his dad at 21. I hate to be negative, but I have a hard time liking his wife. I don't want to elaborate,but she rubs me wrong. W


  1. Glad you arrived ok. Hope you get everything sorted out soon.

  2. Glad to read that you are being proactive about the activity and the finances. It would be easy to let things go since you are in the middle of a moving mess - good job. Keep trying with the stepson's wife if only for his sake. Try to find the good things in her. If he loves her and they have a good relationship - celebrate!

  3. Great picture...You are looking better and better! Stick to your guns on the finances. And stay strong in your personal schedule. Make your day about you!


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