Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 5 Day 4

So my witchy mood has such subsided. I was feeling insignificant and expectantly fat. I found a good mental grounding for my diet journey.

~No matter how life is, the journey is MINE. What I accomplish is MINE. If I have anything,all of this cannot be taken away by anybody but myself. If I keep to the goal, I possess a personal achievement and I can flaunt it proudly.

So I got away and took an exploratory walk. There is a shopping center with Smith's and various stores. I should check with the car, but I estimate it to be over a half mile. I love how Kroeger brand has healthy alternatives and a good selection of vitamins. There are like 15 gaming machines and I played two bucks for a good half hour. I checked out the budget computer store and realized they were not too knowledgeable on ho much it would take to fix a minor ram upgrade for my other computer. I had taken the ram stick out and a gold tab from it got stuck so I think I am due for a new one in the future.

The grandbabies discovered my adventure and bugged me to take them on a walk. So we went to the school playground. Right off a big tall skinny kid started walking up to us.. He was very dark. I was holding my celly thinking this is the city TuPac got shot...then he has this big smile and waves this I am a big kid wave and says hi with an accent.his little brother was with him and they spoke a foreign language. I of course (humbled from my first prejudgment ) waved back then later snoopy as I am asked them what country they were from - Haiti. Oh I said,„je parle une peu de Francais". (petite peu/touriste) OMG they were so happy. Later their older brother came and sought me out greeting me in French. He said no one he has met in his 4 mons here speaks French.
"Je suis une romantique"!

btw hooked up on The Internet. No more Android except when on the go.


  1. So you're classy AND you speak French! Nice move!! A little bit of humanity goes a long way!! Love it!!

  2. Bluezy, as usual - you're just too cute. 'This is the city where Tupac got shot', cracked me up. Ahh the French for them young boys, the Spanish for me - you're one classy gal and I just adore you. Excited to see your journey into this new town.... and of course, continued success on the weight loss front. :)

  3. I speak very little French, but all those years of watching French flicks, ya know, you pick up a little. :)

    I would love to have a day out with ya, playing games, walking, exploring, talking to tourists or non-tourists, just being gals on parade.

    Keep being adorable...

  4. Glad you're up and running look forward to hearing about your new home


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