Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 5 Day 7

There is much to do in the back yard patio. We left the sofa and dining room set and gave them away. Could not fit them in the 16 ft rental.

I have not seen palms in a while. I also have seen a great many variety of bird life. We had a couple of doves perched on the wire in the back. I take it as symbolic of Peace and Love. 
I have 3 more grandbabies to love. My stepson just in the process of adopting his sister in laws kids. I have ambivalent feelings about social services and will leave it at that.

I have unpacked the scale. Been walking daily. Feeling better by the day with the muscles and I am walking more like and old pro than an old lady. It is hot here. In the high 80's. Still fighting the water track. I lost my system ability. Need to re-find it! Just the right bottle and remember to refill...duh.
ice cubes fit in the large mouth and it hangs from my wrist

November 4th is up and coming. I would love to see the diet blog community take a day off and join the Blogblast4Peace movement. You can register your blog on Mimi Writes blog. I believe this is the 7th year of the one day, one voice movement created by Mimi Lenox! You can create a globe (templates are available on Mimi's blog) all you need is Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, GIMP and I believe Publisher and Word allow you to paste and is easy. Yet, you need not do that. Just post about Peace. Easy as that. You can link your blog by registering, or just mail your globe to the email address where they all eventually join a large gallery!
Go to Mimi's blog and poke around. It is a profound movement with a wonderful theme-Peace!

Good diet and good journey fellow bloggies!


  1. Glad your move went okay. I hate settling in to a new place but it sounds like you are doing great and getting right back on it!

  2. Looks like you like your new place? You are already posting pictures about it and I like the house. I would love to live in a house.
    Hope you are not to stressed out about the move. I hate to move houses!!!


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