Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 6 Day 1

Eat more pears! Run fast!
Back on the profane the candy advertisements....They seem to be all in French, so I change them and keep them true to the language and check with translator. Translator sometimes just does literal translations and not how it is spoken, I it may be wrong. 

 Actually a .8 loss for this hectic two week period. I am grateful for no gain. Don't have to alter my tickers.

I  have ideas of what and why...but no excuses. I had an idea that because I was not hydrating like before...things would be slow. I am now settled in to the new city and home, so I can now get more serious. I need to see that 50 lbs. lost so far by next weigh in.

Iconic Stratosphere Las Vegas-much better than this celly pic puts out
My daughter's bff here in Vegas is on a health kick. They are over 200 lbs and her goal is to be in Onederland by NewYears.. (I secretly wish that I could say that. With me it is 47 lbs in 2 months. I could be surprised). She was taking my daughter to walk a park, so I went with.

My daughter starts messing with  her phone and I hear it talk. I say "is that a talking pedometer app?" OMG you would think that being technically inclined that I would know about or have looked for one! Yep this app she put on is called "Noom Weight Loss" and it is free in the Android Market!

 Click [here] for review
It talks in a British sounding guy voice telling you of your progress and your speed. It pauses when you pause and resumes when you shake it a bit. I won't get anal and wonder if it is accurate...I surely like to take a walk with a British dude as company. The girls walk way faster than me...hmmm...I need to work on that. 1 stopped and talked to some people and ended up doing 1.5 miles.

I also checked a couple of fitness group options. There is 24 hour omg the have the Super ones here with lap pools! And there is also a YMCA 2.6 miles away. Hmmm...I could walk that. I like the class options at the Y. They have a variety and I always wanted to take Tai Chi...I will update you on what  I decide. Definitely Tai Chi 3 days a week and will find a weight training thing maybe or hip hop dancercize thingy...

Good journey and dieting!


  1. I think you are doing great, considering what's been going on with the big move and all. Keep on truckin.

  2. I always did like to dance. I enjoy Zumba and Jazzercise a lot. I am going to check out a Pilates class this Friday evening. I just do better in a group thing. You seem to be a pretty social person so you might like the group fitness classes as well.

  3. You know they did not have Pilates at the Y but did at the 24 hour fitness. I really like Pilates. I like the yoga ish movement with the extra stretch...maybe I should try the free yoga they have there. I think the Y will discount my membership due to my limited income. I DID decide to do group classes because of my social needs.

  4. Love the vintage French ads :) Translators can be very literal, which is funny when students try to claim they haven't used one. I tell them every semester: trust me, I am smarter than The Machine!

  5. I love the eat more pears thingie...and eating the caramels makes the kiddies plumpy, plumpy, plumpy, chunky, chunky, chunky. (I love that silly song).

    My fitbit stopped working last week..I decided to just let it sit on the charger a bit and see if it comes back to life. Maybe will use it today as a check. :)

    Let's walk it off, laugh it off...maybe not RUN it off (not with my achy joints). I danced a lot tihs weekend past, but dang if my hips, knees, toes, ankles don't make me feel my age. If my joints were sound, I'd feel totally 25. :D

    Ah,w ell....we plug on...

  6. Nice loss. Boy, you are close to that 50 pound mark. I bet you get there by the end of Octiber.

    I sort a ran up the stairs today (148 of them!). An onlooker would say it was a gentle jog. But, it felt good. Yes, run faster.

  7. It sounds like you are in my neighborhood. If you are in the NW, I would suggest the Y over 24 hour fitness. The people are friendlier and it is a lot cheaper. I belonged to both at one time or the other.

    We will have to get together for a walk once you get settled.

  8. Love that walking app for the phone. I will have to check that out - I don't have a pedometer - so that might work! Sounds like you had a good week! Keep it up!

  9. So glad you're all set out there! Good idea to walk with the girls! I used an app like that with a British guy but he talked too much! So I tried Sports Tracker and I love it! I've been using it for about 2 months now!

  10. Good idea with the phone app. I used to walk with it but guess I got away from it. Keep walking my friend.

  11. I would like to have a phone app like that. :-) But I don't think I can get them here in China. :-) That has to be fun walking with this electric friend. hahaha
    I maybe would even walk further if I would have this.
    Congratulations on your weight loss. It's not far anymore to reach 50 lbs of loss, is it?
    Wish you luck.

  12. You didn't gain and that's great.

    There is a gym just over a mile and a half from my house that I've considered, but then I think if I do the 3+ miles round trip to walk there and back then I may as well save the money because that's a good exercise routine.

  13. Hey, Bluezy. It was fun reading this post. It was upbeat and "newsy." I still have a 3-year-old cell phone. Maybe I need to update my technology! Have you considered Zumba as an option for dancercize? I've been doing it at home and it's really fun - and a mighty workout, too. Have a great week!


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