Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 6 Day 3

Is there really a choice? It's Halloween! Candy over Fruit wins!
Great news! I edited my tickers. I weighed myself this morning and lo and behold. A three pound loss from Monday. I am taking it and putting there so I must keep that ticker current. I am pretty sure now that when I weighed in Monday, I did have a loss and I was bloated maybe. But the difference was that I was drinking my water right.OH AND I REACHED THE BIG FIVE OH LOSS!!!!! I did not take my celly with me and I only now decided to take it now and document it so I can call it DONE!

So the grand babies are BOTH in school. Idaho would not let my 5 yr old in because her birthday was after the cut off. Here she CAN. So she is starting off a month behind, but she knows a lot that will help her. She recognizes the alphabet and most letters. Writes her name. She also watches PBS!!

Idaho is also different because my 1st grader is behind. They brought him home with two digit addition and longer words and more reading. OMG we really feel for him. Gotta really watch him and make sure he catches up.

They have a Trunk or Treat at the school. I imagine it out of car trunks in the parking lot, but that is just because I think lots of candy...but most likely it is a luggage type trunk. I leaving in just a bit. Might post some pics tomorrow. Yeah I think so.

Hurray 50 POUNDS LOST!


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