Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 196 - Reached the Lost 50lbs mark!

Wearing my granny glasses Oh yes there is a change after 50 lbs
I started my blog in April this year at 294 lbs. I can't remember why I don't have a picture. I know that I did not want to reveal my weight and so I am thinking I did not want to reveal my picture. I was feeling pretty fat.

I found this nifty calculator on line that counts the days between two dates called "Day Counter" and it has been 196 days since I started my diet or wow how weird 28 Weeks. Just like the British Zombie Apocalypse movie. Doing the math, that is 1.78 (etc digits) a week of weight loss. Of course it didn't roll like that. I had that whole month off down time from my scooter accident..and an 8 lb gain. Some stalls...So if I took off a month from 196 it would of been a 3.32 lb a week loss. Either way, I am stoked to be here.

I am wearing my scary Misfits shirt for my 16 month old who says "Rawrrr"(baby talk for monster) every time I wear it. We went to that Halloween Trunk or Treat that ended up being real car trunks and not a luggage trunk. LOL There were so many kids. Ours got a bucket full. Each!

had to get the rock mountains and the palms...


  1. WOO HOO! congrats on the milestone. you're doin so well,VERY happy for you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Congrats on the "skinniness"!!
    Looks like you all had a great time with the kids

  3. Bluezy, it's time to...DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milestones should be celebrated so we... DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!


    I hope to see you celebrating 100 lbs milestone in 2012. Let's do it!

  4. WHOOOO HOOOOO! 50 lbs GONE! You look amazing too! I love it! I also love that you are into the Misfits and that you like zombies.


  5. That's awesome!!!!!!
    (Saw a comment of yours on Flabby McGee!!) thought I should add you so I can follow your inspirational story also!!!

    Again, congrats!!!

  6. U r a rock star. Way 2 go!!!

    By the way... I nominated your blog for an award.

  7. Congratulations!!! Wahoo!! A Great milestone! Fantastic! Bravo!


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