Friday, October 28, 2011

Woche 6 Tag 5

Ein shout out für Jenny (Chaquenha). Wer lebt ein aufregendes Leben in China!
Sie ist Deutsch, aber aufgewachsen in Paraguay.
Ehrung ihrer Geburt Sprache mit Übersetzer natürlich!
Siehe ihrem Blog [hier].

A shout out for Jenny (Chaquenha). Who lives an exciting life in China!
She is German, but raised in Paraguay.
Honoring her birth language using translator of course!
See her blog [here].
So I weighted myself yesterday morning and I was 242.8 say what? I lost two more pounds? Well I ate the unholy lunch meat and cheese as snacks yesterday. They are packed with salt. I knew I would regret it. I also slacked a bit on my water and can feel the morning here is my scale for today. 

Now that is spooky. Water retention of 2 lbs?
Another spooky story:
I had a dream last night that I was having sex with Robert Downey Jr. It was a high school reunion. Later he was all talking to some young girl (who happened to be chubby) and I thought these men like want to get with women who could be their daughters. How spooky is that? Is this TMI? TMI could be me telling you about the one I had years ago of Halle Berry all excited in showing my her Vegas Flat on The Strip. It had a view. It was a high rise and I was she a lesbian? One who likes older fat white women? Then I thought that this would actually be a relationship my mom WOULD approve of. LOL

Ok I am liking that there IS a Before and After now and sportin' my Ben Does Life Shirt!
and actually look at my hair cut. I'm looking all Halle Berry like the song..Halle Berry Halle Berry!


  1. Oh Bluezy, your posts never come up short, do they? Apparently, neither do your dreams. I have literally never had a dream about a celebrity. I don't have cable or care about them though, so I guess maybe that's why.

    I miss Vegas already. :(

  2. Sex dream. Wooo!

    I have a habit of telling hubby thee difference in ages when male celebrities wed. Some months, it's consistently younger, and often WAY younger. I remember one "gossip" roundup of weddings, and every single male celebrity had gotten committed to or hitched to a woman 20+ years younger. All three big stars had gotten engaged to or married someone young enough to be their daughter.

    I can understand the temptation...hey, those 20 something J-Pop boys make my heart go pitter-pat. But would i marry one?

    It's kinda creepy in a way, even if it's historically consistent. Creepy that they look like dad and daughter. Yuck.

  3. Haha, sexy dreams are ALWAYS fun!

    P.S. Lovelovelove your do life shirt!!!

  4. You are doing some advertisement for my blog. Thank you. I like it. :-)
    I like your blog too. You always write in such a funny way, it makes me laugh. And your before and after picture is GREAT!!! Wow, you lost sooo much! You have to be feeling GREAT, do you?
    Many german greetings from China


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