Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 10 Day 2

 Monday, I was still in a oh I can eat that cracker mode. Tuesday, I got on the scale to keep me in check. I saw the unmentionable damage done. Time to "Reboot". I got back on "My Fitness Pal" and started tracking my food, water and carbs. Excuse me I need to go pee right now....

I screwed up on the coffee end. I took frozen coffee and put it in the "Magic Bullet" with some "International Delight" French Vanilla creamer. I later realized there is 6 carbs per tablespoon of this. So, I  totally FRAPPED up that one. So tomorrow I will do better.

At this point of my diet, if I do not start some exercise I am just being lazy and acting old. I need to explore more options beyond walking the grandkids to school. Maybe walking them, then not coming back for an hour. Just walking around exploring this neighborhood. I should do that on trash day. LOL Man I love curbside freebies.

Each and every family has their way of adorning the tree. Some have specific rules on when as well as how the tree is going to look. When I had my tree with my young children, I insisted on a variety of ornaments mostly toy like. With every angle, you can find something new to look at. I also insisted that we make popcorn and cranberry garland. It was a production line of finger pricking (ouch) that would make us always laugh.  At it's best we would party and have eggnog and of course Christmas music all around. There were a couple of times I let the kids just go at it with a friend. Even let them put tinsel on the tree because they said they saw some and wondered.

My mother liked everything matching. As a child our tree was of all gold ornaments and gold garland. Never changing and we kids only started helping when older. My mother had bought a designer living room when I was 5 and she wanted white carpet. She would only allow adults to socialize in it...well it is a long story of a fastidious drinking upwardly mobile socialite kind of mom. I love her. She still has the furniture. And the "living" room only gets signs of life with company.  to this very day.

My youngest daughter inherited her matching tree philosophy. This photo is of a white tree with silver and pink. They went shopping for a good part of the kid's gifts. With the move and harder times behind, she wanted the kids to know this year it is set and abundant. Even in the past, with not that much she had managed to create an abundance for them. I am proud of that. It is not all about gifts, but the kids feel good about it.

When asked of his religious beliefs, my son in law says "He believes in Jesus, The King James Version Bible and the gun". I guess they are I am open minded and get along with all kinds of people. Mostly by not challenging their beliefs with a "Let It Be" stance.


  1. LOL @ "frapped that one up" - Priceless!!
    It is easy too consume a butt load of calories by drinking them. I was loving my home made protein smoothies last week, but they are around 200cals and I would much rather use that 200cals on "real food" :)

  2. You'll be great once you put your mind to it...tracking, moving. Girl, just put on something loud and fast and dance in your living room. Pick up some weights and do a few minutes. Stretch a bit. It all helps. Walking is a perfect exercise, because the human body does it normally. Keep doing it....

    You'll be fine. Wait till your next weigh in. Down you go.. :)

  3. I love this time of year, I guess I'm a matching kind of person too!
    Glad you're getting back into the swing of things. I just started doing Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred.....if you like pain I recommend it!!!!!!

  4. It's a tough time of year but you can do it! The tree looks so pretty

  5. This is a difficult season indeed! I just wish you a lot of mental strength! Don't give up. And I think, it is a good idea to wonder around in your neighbourhood after you brought the children to school. Find a route that you like and walk it every day and enjoy yourself.


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