Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 9 Day 1

Constructed using the awesome My Memories Suite 2!
I am so gonna put my metamorphosis  photo in between wings
dressed like the Life Magazine Flapper I shared months ago!

 Week 9 already?
How time flies! The ticker increased to 51 lbs lost so far. Considering it has been 2 week...ehhhh you know I was slacking compared to my past weeks of 3-5 lb losses. I seem to lose then pause then lose again. Whatever as long as the direction is down. I could do better, though. 1 lb for this 2 week period, then!
I am back to reality after the move. Crammed this week with diet "sense and sensibility" ( beautiful scenery in the 1995 movie with Emma Thompson btw).

Witnessed a pizza orgy, pizza rolls being nuked regularly for snacks, biscuits and gravy, a carrot cake birthday cake, and a big bbq that included two types of macaroni salad!  I made a romaine iceberg tossed salad with some carb friendly ingredients. I ate only a burger without the bun and a hot dog. Oh and the new adult family members are back with out the dog, but with baby and two more relatives! They are better mannered this time. They are staying the month! Tis the holidays! I only mentioned the above witnessing not out of mourning. I had no problem with it all. I know what I want and I want the transformation!
MY NSV  moment was receiving g-mail from Liz Gardner of My Memories including my blog in their "free giveaway promotion"! I am stoked and honored. I have peeked and poked around the software and have concluded that it is not a farce-THIS PROGRAM ROCKS! I would not steer you wrong my inspirational bloggie followers!  It was like manna via gmail for me. Rewarding me for my 50 lbs (eh hem now 51 lbs) lost!

Throughout the week I will be dedicated to the "My Memories Suite2" program (MMS2). It is not a prerequisite. I just want to give this program all that I know! I can already see how it makes blog designing so much easier. I like my design, but I always have badges, sidebar stuff and pictures I like to adorn. I especially like the "Word Art Designer" reminiscent of my Microsoft Publisher days, but much more easy to use and more options!. I will use this often and you will see! I used it on the header pic to my post!

The thing is that Microsoft and Adobe cost up the yin yang. MS Publisher costs $117 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 costs four hundrend and effing eighty nine bucks!!  These are the listed prices on Amazon!

You can have it mailed on disk or you can download it! Whoo hoo!
 Please state that you want to join the give away in the comment section!

It would make a great gift for yourself or someone you know who scrap books or likes digital art and design.
And if you don't win, you can still buy it for 10 bucks cheaper with my special promo code! It costs before the promo code $39.97 plus $7.11 in shipping, but you can download it and avoid shipping costs!

Some screen shots showing you the many buttons that are
pretty easy to figure out yet the tutorials are the bomb!
You can make multi paged albums and include music-Yes Music!
And there is more. You can make a video. It is all there and easy to use.
I will demo through the week. It will surely keep me from the fridge!
MMS2 has so much built into a user friendly interface at a very reasonable price. One-FREE TO THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY. Two-a $10 promo discount to any of my bloggie friends! And let me tell you I am not pushing it. It needs no pushing.  There are a lot of scrap booking enthusiasts (my daughter is one) and blogs out there. One in particular did a tutorial. I have the know how to do a YouTube tutorial, but why try to do something that is already done? And so well by an established blogger scrap and design artist?
Toque from The Pink Toque Blog who just had a lovely baby 2 weeks ago!


  1. Way to keep that weight loss wagon moving, great job!
    I simply love Emma Thompson's version of Sense and Sensibility. *Swoon* for Colonial Brandon!

  2. First thing I saw when I got to your site was the weight is 51 pounds now...great job my friend. Keep up the good work.

  3. Terrific progress!! Wahoo! Floating on air for you!


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