Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 9 continued.


Continuing the reasons of giving thanks to my 51 lbs of weight lost so far...
Reason #2 - I am thankful that I am lighter on my feet. I used to go down the stairs like my grandma. One foot down stop next foot on same step then repeat (I am sure that you know what I mean). I now just walk down the stairs normally. I can do the distance on a walk, but I have limited myself to one mile or two. It is just laziness. But I can walk and not appear to be suffering. 

I asked my daughter if I could be the one to walk the kids to school daily. I wake up early. Make sure I look good enough to not scare the kids (lol) and make sure I leave just in time to keep us at a good pace. Tuesday through Thursday it is a mile and a half total because my grandson goes to early tutoring to catch up to Nevada schools. He is almost there. I will have to find some other casual everyday thing to do and include my grand kids. 

Maybe need to check out this kid. He is a fat kid wearing a speedo dancing and dancing good to LMFAO "I'm Sexy And I Know It". He even does the splits and some break dance moves!  At first I thought when it was shown to me...hey I don't want the FBI red flagging my IP because the kid is in a speedo dancing...but omg he dances so good!  "At the beach I wear my speedo to tan my cheeks" is part of the song.


  1. Congrats on the continued progress! I'm proud of you! When considering what to go back to school for I thought about becoming a nutritionist because obesity is a serious problem in our country and so many people suffer greatly at its hands. Not many people are brave enough to tackle it on their own like you have done. I think you're an inspiration!! Keep up the fantasatic work!!

  2. It does feel good to be lighter on your feet, don't it. Just wait til you get to Onederland. You won't want to sit still, cause your feet will be so grateful.

    I love that song. we have it on the iPod Touch. Was requested at the party my hubby dj'ed at a couple weeks back. That and Party Anthem --shuffling!---(by LMFAO, too). GREAT party tune. And it's so fun when it gets to the "I work out!" hahahahaha That's when I stop dancing and flex my biceps..then resume with the fleet footedness. FUN FUN FUN!!!!


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