Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 9 Weekend

Just a bit of a LOL project I did today...

Harvested in my backyard, my backyard grass has been found to be an effective immunity booster, a digestive aid, a colon cleanser, a weight-loss aid - and it helps improve the health of your heart and prostate, too!
The special environment provided in MY backyard created just the right super diet phenomenon known to this continent (soon to go international).

So here is the deal. Again we are burdened with the just turned 18 momma and baby daddy visiting us. OMG Like don't they need to go to school or get a job? Instead they are here pulling the same shit they did when they stayed with us prior to the baby being born. Lay around, make a mess, use the laptop all day long, texting, eating and leaving messes. I mean, they can eat, but eat when we serve them. They wait around saying that they will eat in just a bit and then dig into it after we have cleaned up. They do not clean their mess. It is TWISTED I say TWISTED!

I am off plan. It is actually self destructive and immature. I am going to lie to them and say I lost 5 lbs this week.  I don't even want to look. I  think maybe a pound off ? Actually, I have been off. I have not drank my waters right, and I ate a bunch of cookies with bad intentions looking at the girl and hoping she thinks I am a fat bitch and takes it home with her to tell the hater Aunt. This is the Aunt who is nice to you then calls you a fat bitch to everybody else.  She is fat, too, but I am supposedly fatter. I know I am falling apart with anger!

I want to be the topic of envy or question by those haters>>>"But I saw her eating cookies like a pig, how can she lose all that weight?" Ah hah! Watch me assholes! TWISTED back atcha!


  1. Girl, I feel your frustration about the rudeness of those dorks.

    Is there a way to completely package up leftovers, seal/freeze, whatever so it's a pain in the butt if they don't eat when others eat. Or just make LESS food and there's nothing left if they don't eat when everyone eats. ; ) I dunno. Just a rule that as long as they stay there, their chore are to clean all pots/pans/dishes. :D

  2. i KNOW i COULD OF DONE IT. They are leaving Wednesday morning. I am going to tell them I weigh 230 so they can send it back to the hater. Am I hating back?...oh man I hate that oh wait I dislike that so!

  3. sounds like tough love time for them and for YOU! if they can't/won't behave in a way YOU want then simply do NOT let them in your house, you don't owe them anything and don't let them use guilt as an for you do NOT let anyone drive you to self destructive behavior. YOU deserve better! as far as the "fat bitch" why do you care what she thinks? what you think is really all that matters and yes that even includes me. i adore you but you have to do this for you not me. good luck sweetie and just hang in there! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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