Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I really like challenges, but these last I just had such a hard time keeping with the program.

What I have learned? I think I was a bit cocky and life just threw me a curve to put me in check a bit.

Mir left a comment suggesting I do the last week and a half of the challenge. We already packed the scale. My daughter has gypsy packing skills. Even though we won't be on the road until the 3rd...the majority of the home is packed. Regardless, I will be keeping an eye on my food intake. Keep hydrated and be hopeful that when we unpack the darned thing, I will see some pounds lost. That is about all I can do right now.

The temps here in Vegas are already in the high 70's and low 80's. This week they anticipate it to go to 88. I have been barefoot when on the porch most of the stay here. We have been here since October.

There was much adjusting to do. The roads are fast and traffic filled. The many stores are awesome. I DID however see the first cockroach in 12 years. We called the bug guy. So the count was 3 cockroaches seen.

Our backyard is grassless. It is sand. I imagined it to be horrible in the summer.

Our power bill has been 250 to 300 all our stay plus we had to put in a 350 deposit. The trucker job is not really paying what they thought. Repo man was here today...ho hum. My daughter has tried to have her own car...but guess her man's big Monster Redneck truck is all they can afford to keep. I would love driving it (not mine), but she can't reach the pedal down to put the clutch in. Too busy for a mom with kids in the back worrying about shifting gears...

Helicopters, sirens and airplane sounds all through the day.


Oh the news is horrible. Shooting, theft and pedestrians run over. The count is around 30 pedestrians ran over this year so far.

It has been over 18 yrs that I had lived in a very large metropolis. The only perk here is the "cheap" casino food and the wide variety of stores. If I were younger or more hip, I would dig the night life...but nah. This is a great place to visit...then leave.

I like grass, running water and occasional wildlife running around. Oh and I miss the spring early summer asparagus hunt.

Believe it or not, they don't have those drive thru coffee stops all over in Vegas. I am guessing that it is a risk to get jacked as quickly as you can get a frapp or an expresso.

I guess I like the slow smaller city life. We are going back to a 50,000 population opposed to the 584,000 population.

My favorite local spot in the area I lived in Idaho. About 15 miles out of town. There is a hot springs you can pay to swim at. The fishing on the Snake river is serene. Then below it, is the "Falls" that is literally downtown. There is a nice park walk of over 5 miles running the length. Duckies and geese. Funny how they get picture angles to avoid the massive Mormon Temple in the right is massive.  Mormons don't bother me, but the building takes a big portion of the horizon. This is about the only angle you get with out it's omnipresence. lol


  1. So you're going to Idaho Falls? It would be really lovely to meet up for lunch sometime! I can't believe you're going to be so close. I'm used to feeling really isolated in these challenges. Usually I'm free on weekends. We could head over to the snake bite (great food, moderate prices, pretty healthy).

  2. Nanette-
    It is a pretty long drive from Preston to just wanna meet me. I feel honored. Let's keep in touch and give me a couple of weeks to settle in to then make plans. Snake Bite sounds great!


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